Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Saint Paul Clan Members Build a Fire Pit

Last Monday I had a comp day for working on Easter and coincidentally SB had the day off as well so we decided to start working on the fire pit that we had discussed. He came downstairs with some printed directions and we set off to Menards. We got 100 bricks, 200 pounds of gravel, along with a couple tools and brick adhesive. We came back and Josey was super excited to dig a hole so he started on that immediately. He even suggested that digging a hole is a great way to exercise and that a fun activity would be for two groups of guys to go out to the country for a hole-digging contest. I agreed, as you must with Josey's ideas. Digging went pretty quickly as SB and Josey took turns, I pitched in for a short time at the end, and then SB needed to go back to Menards for more gravel. Josey and I started laying a few layers of bricks, being careful to keep them perfectly level, see photo below. It was very scientific work actually. Eventually we found we needed 8 more bricks to finish the top layer so we made another Menards run, it was SB's fourth of the day. It is currently one layer higher than in the photo. We have further plans to add a patio around it as well as capstones to make the visible portion look nicer. For now it's a fully functioning fire pit and we're looking forward to hosting any clan members to a bigass bonfire.


locopuyo said...

nice post, you should post more often
also we need to help daymonster get a job so he has more time to post

Dammer said...

That's sweet. I can't wait to own a house and do stuff like that. Or, at least to ask Josey to do stuff like that for exercise.

Daymonster said...

when is the annual KofC hole digging extravaganza?