Friday, November 13, 2009


So, most of us have been playing the new Call of Duty Four: Modern Warfare Two, and while we normally roll over the opposing teams we play it might be a good idea to share some of our knowledge to bring up all clan members. I usually have the most deaths of any of you so don't take my advice, but I was wondering what tips the rest of you could share.

First off, I found a few interesting tips from infiniteward themselves.
-- Sticking a Semtex grenade to a character holding a riot shield is a good way to take them out from the front without having to flank them.
-- Using a flash or stun grenade against players using a riot shields is very effective causing them lower their shields for a moment and opening them up for an attack.
-- Aim for the chest or neck region on burst fire assault rifles. For full auto assault rifles, do the same but fire in groups of three to five rounds. Doing this will make the muzzle climb for recoil and give you a second or third round headshot.
-- Thermal scopes work great with smoke grenades - enemies show up right through the smoke (unless they have the cold blooded perk!)
-- Shoot down a Pavelow helicopter faster by not locking on with the AT-4 (anti-tank weapon); shooting from the hip prevents the Pavelow from using countermeasures.

Obviously, we know most of those but sometimes it is good to see them again to help remember them.

Here are some things I have been thinking of:
-- Who ever has a predator strike, or AC130 should let the rest of the team know where the majority of the enemies are located. I know it's kind of hard to explain it sometimes but as we play the maps more we will get used to it.
-- We should coordinate our kill streaks if possible. I think we need to have at least 2 or 3 people using the UAV perk, and then I don't know if they rest matter, but maybe you guys have thoughts.
-- Are the sentex (or whatever they are called) better than the regular frags? I seem to be killed by those more than any other type of grenade.

Also, if you want you should comment on what class you use. Right now, I use the FAMAS with a holographic scope, the increase melee distance, with stopping power, and cold blooded. I use the flash grenade and the frag. I also use UAV, Predator missile, and Hind.

I sometimes use the M4 with everything the same except for I use Bling with a silencer and then get rid of the increased melee distance.

Also, check out this video:


Josey WaIes said...

Daymonster, thanks for posting the tips.

I also agree with Daymonster's suggests on coordinating kill streaks and using predator missiles.

I am interested to learn what weapons and perk combos people find useful. I have been experimenting with a bunch of stuff. The only thing I have found to be consistently good is the M4 with a holographic scope and a silencer, combined with the stopping power perk and scrambler.

I also enjoy the SCAR and unlocked the holographic scope in our last game last night so I will see how that works out tonight.

As far as the other perks and guns go, have have found some of them very useful at times but nothing is as consistently good as what I previously mentioned. For example, sometimes tactical inversion really helps, especially on Favela, because you can respawn on top of a building.

I have also found the TAR to be a solid weapon once I got a sight for it and a silencer.

Question, do people use the heartbeat sensor a lot? I have used it and I don't feel it has given me a huge edge or resulted in a mass amount of kills. I also find it hard to give up a scope or silencer.

Josey WaIes said...

Another question, does the rocket launcher lock on to the helicopter and planes or do you have to lead them before you shoot? If it does lock on, how do you make sure its locked on?

Squatting Bear said...

I've been using the silencer a lot with the SCAR, but i feel on some maps where you can't really flank effectively the silencer is not as useful as just using a standard scope.

The game is so fun when you are owning but very frustrating when getting killed a lot.

locopuyo said...

I usually use the SCAR bling with the thermal scope and heartbeat sensor.
Then I have a claymore and flashbangs.
I stopping power+ and use the ninja perk (invisible to heartbeat sensor).

For another class I use SCAR bling with thermal scope and silencer and the not show up on radar thing instead of stopping power.

For the other class I use the AUG with a grip (just unlocked it so I don't have red dot or anything), and then the scavenger perk so I can pick up ammo off of bodies and replace a claymore every time someone gets killed by it.

You only get one claymore but they really pwn, there has only been 1 time where someone ran by my claymore and didn't die from the explosion.

I prefer ninja over radar disrupter because they can tell when they are near you and how close you are by how much their radar is being jammed.

I like the heartbeat sensor because I can tell where the enemies are even if they aren't showing up on radar. Although it is a tough choice between bling to get the heartbeat sensor along with the thermal scope and scavenger to get more ammo. Because I almost always run out of ammo when I have heartbeat sensor, and additional claymores are very helpful.

So i think I may switch soon from bling with heartbeat to just the thermal scope with scavenger.

adeclipse said...

So, I was debated about going prestige when it's available. I just heard that you get more custom character slots as you prestige. I believe it to be every other level after first prestige just like in World at War. That makes it more appealing to me since I always wish I had more custom slots for guys.

As far as tips or anything goes I don't have any tips really since I like to snipe and play the long game or if it's a compact map I like to play a stealth game. I know it sounds boring to some of y'all, but it's fun to me to see a guy following someone on the radar only to get a knife in the back out of nowhere.

The only places i've really found so far that are somewhat useful are:
Estate- I like to get on top of the building at the bottom of the map with the tractor in it. If you go inside and to the second floor of the building you can jump up on the front of a few bricks and jump on top of the building which gives you great sniping views and also prevents people from sneaking up on you while sniping. I've had several guys just give up on trying to find me even though they could see me on their sensors.

Highrise- I'm sure everyone knows of these already, but you can get up on the scaffolding from the propane tank building and run it to the right to get up into the second floor of the building on the right, as well as on the 3rd floor although I have perfected that yet, and you stay exposed a lot longer if you try to do so. This method only works if the other team has a lot of noobs on it, as it seems everyone is trying to use this "secret".

Those are really the only 2 places that are actual secrets of some sort that I know of so far. I like to snipe from certain places on most maps pretty consistently. If you want to know where just ask, but since most of you guys don't snipe it's not a problem.

Also, I unlocked the new sniper rifle the other night and tried it out on a few games. It seemed pretty good, but I think I still prefer the 50cal over it.

Classes I am using currently are:
1. Stealth class with the Scar silenced and heartbeat sensor, perks are blingpro, cold blooded, and ninjapro
2. Thermal Sniper- Barret 50cal with silencer and thermal scope. Perks- Blingpro, stopping power pro, and ninjapro.
3. Sniper- Barret 50cal with heartbeat sensor and silencer. Perks- Blingpro, Stopping Power pro, and ninja pro.
4. M16- M-16 with heartbeat sensor and holographic sight. Perks- Blingpro, Stopping Powerpro, and ninjapro.
5. M16 Thermal- M-16 with Thermal scope and heartbeat sensor. Perks- Blingpro, Stopping powerpro, and ninjapro.

Those are what i'm using currently with claymores for all of them. I did have grenades until I finally realized that i seldom ever remember to use them where as I use claymores almost every time and have a lot more kills with them.