Monday, November 23, 2009

KofC Christmas Party, Ski Trip, and Other Notes

I am starting to hate COD MW2. I have been trying to change classes to much and not sticking to the class that I usually do well (the M16 with SP) it's really hard to go back to that once you feel the rush of sprinting laps around the map. I need to delete all other classes and just stick with the M16. Here is a picture of me watching Adeclipse owning up on some nublets with a helicopter.

KofC Christmas Party
The Saturday after Christmas or Texas Christmas as it is known, the Knights will be hosting a get together at the clubhouse. More details will follow, but hopefully we can get it on some of your radars (or UAVs)

KofC Thanksgiving Party
What is everyone doing Wednesday (the day before thanksgiving) anyone want to do something?

Ski Trip 2K10
Josey will have some information concerning the ski trip that he is currently purchasing right now.

Other Notes
- Josey's bro just bought a Live subscription (The River Wolf) and so he will probably be applying for clan membership shortly.

- SB has been sleeping for over 12 hours.

- Pablito is in Austria. His cat is currently alive. Though I have not seen him today.

- Looks like Warthog's roommate got MW2, and will be one tonight. Josey will be on tonight and I think I heard Dammer will be on. Not sure what time I will be on (if at all) but if not have fun playing. UPDATE: Warthog is heading home tonight, not playing COD.

- Joe Mauer wins the MVP.


Dammer said...

A couple observations from last night:

- the Scar is a lot nicer to have than the M4, which makes me sad that I spent time on it instead of just moving on to the Scar

- I'm sick of grenade launchers

- I'm not so good in the house level

Josey WaIes said...

Stay inside the house, take advantage of our claymores, set your own up when you unlock them, and let them come. This will help with the house level.

Grenade launchers are annoying.

I would like everyone's opinion on rocket launchers. I was using the Stinger, but now I have unlocked the Javelin. I am not sure the Javelin is better, what do people think?

locopuyo said...

I always use the Javelin. It is easier to lock on to stuff and kills it in one hit unless it has countermeasures. Also it's pretty sweet doing an artillery style strike on areas and killing people, although that usually doesn't come into play.

Also, switch to the javelin right away if you aren't in battle and take off the cap, then switch back to your gun. Then it won't take as long to whip it out and shoot when you need it.

Dammer said...

What level do the claymores unlock at?

I think my problem with the house level is that I get too impatient and start peeking my head further and further out windows. Plus I always get killed from behind in there, which is frustrating.

I haven't unlocked any other launchers, so right now I still use the AT4 or whatever that is at the start. Do countermeasures always come into play, regardless of lockon?

adeclipse said...

So, I got off apparently last night at some point. Apparently I was really drunk and kind of fell asleep. My wife turned off the system for me. Sorry about that. Blame Dajuicee though. He bought my wife and I a crate of wine for Christmas which arrived yesterday.

As for CoD I tried changing a few things up on some of my classes to see how they reacted after reading some things online. Apparently with a sniper if you put a silencer on it, it does take away damage based on location shots. I took off the silencer and find myself getting 1-shot kills where I wasn't before. With a silencer it takes 2 shots for anywhere not high chest/neck or head whereas it takes 1-shot for stomach and above without silencer. The only problem that i've found so far with not having the silencer is that I tend to wander off to the sides of maps by myself pretty frequently and with no silencer enemies can spot me when I shoot and also hear me if they're listening.

A few things I looked up that are helpful for anyone who wants it.

Here are the multipliers for all of the snipers: (Head, Chest, Stomach)everything else is a 1.0, which would be legs and stuff.

Barrett: 1.5, 1.5, 1.1
Intervention: 1.5, 1.5, 1.1
WA2000: 1.5, 1.5, 1.0
M21 EBR: 1.5, 1.1, 1.0

All snipers have a standard damage of 70 across all ranges. It takes 100 to kill someone
Stopping power multiplies damage by 1.4
A 1.5 multiplier is a one-hit kill without stopping power, and a 1.1 multiplier is a one-hit kill with stopping power
Silencers reduce the damage of all snipers to 50
Stopping power cancels out the silencer. A sniper with stopping power and a silencer performs exactly the same as a sniper with neither.

What this means:

-All silenced snipers take two shots to kill unless you have stopping power.
-A head shot from any silenced sniper won't kill unless you have stopping power.
-The Barrett and Intervention kill to the head and chest normally, and kill in the stomach with stopping power.
-The WA2000 should never be used with stopping power unless you silence it. The WA2000 only kills in the head and chest with or without stopping power.
-The M21 only kills with head shots normally, but kills to the chest with stopping power, meaning stopping power is a very good perk for the M21.

I hope this helps anyone who might want to snipe. Basically you can put a silencer on a sniper so long as you have stopping power, or you could put cold blooded on with no silencer and get the same effect.

Josey WaIes said...

Very interesting Adeclipse, thank you.

Daymonster said...

haha, I started writing a thing about how the M21 with stopping power would be a good gun. But you had already written it right there.

where did you get that information, do they have anything else like that? (like fan graphs for COD) it would be good to know how to use the lapse in the UAV to dominate people and get behind them or something.

adeclipse said...
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adeclipse said...
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adeclipse said...

Sorry about the 2 deletes above this, I was having computer issues apparently.

The sniper stuff I found randomly on multiple sites so I would have to assume it is pretty accurate since it was used many times but worded differently, so I know people weren't just copy and pasting a bunch of crap. I have tried the m21 but wasn't overly impressed. It was ok, but felt as thought it lacked the power. The WA2000 was a disappointment to me. I really assumed it was a better gun than it really is.

Also, another thing that I found as interesting because I was wondering about it is that the full metal jacket addon for a gun actually doesn't increase it's damage any. I thought it would increase it a little bit because it shows the damage modifier go up ever so slightly when you equip it, but apparently it doesn't increase damage at all. All it is doing is increasing the damage modifier when going through surfaces. I knew it was supposed to be the new version of deep impact, but was confused by the stat slightly showing an increase. It's good that there isn't really a juggernaut now so it's a lot easier figuring damage modifiers ingame.