Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Absolutely Nothing to Post About

Hey dudes,

As most of you know, I've relocated to Vienna, Austria instead of St. Paul. We never had a post about my wedding. I suppose I can put that together, but I'd also like to hear about it from Daymonster and Squatting Bear's point of view. Anyways, long story short, I got married on July 31 to an Austrian girl and am living here now.

The reason I say I have nothing to post about is because during the move over here I decided to leave my XBox at SB's house so I don't have any video game tales to write about. Of course I have my laptop, but I've never been a PC gamer. We have been looking at buying a used XBox or a Wii because we had a fun time playing Wii Fit games at a friend of Pablena's house.

Additionally, I don't have any new drinking stories. It's difficult to have a binge drinking adventure alone. I'll need to find some drinking partners over here before I can even think about putting together a great post like Unky Warthog's.

I'll let everyone know when I organize a return trip to the USA because I'll expect to have a gathering at the KofC clubhouse so I can see everybody. Otherwise, my door is always open for clan members who want to go on a Euro Trip. I also wanted to pimp my own blog, if you want to read about what's going on for me, check out

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