Monday, September 13, 2010

Warthog is a Hero!

Another fun weekend. Unky and Auntie Playboy made there way down for the Iowa/ISU game which the Hawks won convincingly, 35-7. Next up is @ #18 Arizona on Saturday night. It should be on at 9:30 CT on ESPN/ESPN 3 if the Knights are interested.

One of the highlights of the weekend (of which there were many) happened after a group of us got back from the bar. Warthog went out for a cigarette and as he was lighting up he saw a man sprinting by his house. The next thing he heard was a voice: "GET ON THE GROUND OR I'LL TAZE YOU, GET ON THE GROUND OR I'LL TAZE YOU!"

The cop (reserve officer, obv) was closing in (much faster than Hermann, but no where close to as fast as Reserve Office Johnson) and the drunkard veered off and fell flat on the grass next to my house. The following exchange ensued:

Cop to PD: "Got a runner, 500 Block Unky Street."
Warthog: "400."
Cop to PD: "Correction, 400 Block Unky Street."

If I were quicker w/ the tongue (GOD DAMN BREWERY!) I would've yelled, "GET OFF MY LAWN!"

It was hilarious and I wish everyone could have seen it. The only thing that would've made it more awesome is if Drunkard actually got tazed. I saw the red light emanating from the cop's tazer so he definitely wasn't fucking around. I wonder what the range is on that thing and I'm sure the Knights can help me out with that one. I'm guessing the cop was within 12 feet before Drunkard gave up (wise choice, sir.)

We've all had our exchanges with the Police, and it definitely felt good to be on this end of it.

So Knights, what were your weekend highlights?


Dammer said...

I practiced up for bowling league on Friday night. 138, 150, 148. Solid, but nothing spectacular. I was able to confirm that I can still drink the bowling alley beer, and I made a new friend that was hired to DJ to non-packed house. After playing a request of mine he said he was putting Tom Sawyer into his main rotation. Victory!

Unky Playboy said...

Great weekend.