Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eastbound and Down: Season Dos

So I was checking Twins scores a second ago and something jumped out at me and caught my attention - an ad for the second season of Eastbound and Down. It brightened my day little to see it but I was surprised that MLB would embrace that show since it kind of makes fun of the sport.

But then I looked at the calendar and saw that along with the scores, Sep 26 was specially marked as Eastbound and Down day! I was already excited about the new season, but I never thought it had become very popular for the mainstream. Is Kenny Powers appearing in broadcast booths as a guest announcer or showing up on Sportscenter as well??

Another hilarious item, which Daymonster sent to me is this:

This is Marilyn Manson, not only without makeup, but dressed up as Kenny Powers. It's from the article here.


Daymonster said...

Holy crap, look at all these posts!

Well done everybody.

Anyone got halo reach today? I'll be on shortly.

locopuyo said...

I was supposed to get it in the mail today but for some reason the people weren't in the office to accept the package when they attempted to deliver it... I should have it tomorrow.

I also just built a new computer today. It is awesome.

Unky Eternal said...