Sunday, September 5, 2010

Unkys go to Hawkeye Game, Become Wizards.

All the Unkys got together for a weekend in Iowa City. Playboy and Eternal (w/ Auntie Eternal) arrived late on Friday night and we were quick to start building our wizard stalves. The neighbors, Yeager and Auntie Yeager also met up before Warthog, Playboy, and Eternal headed down to the bars to sing Hey Jude--a favorite of the unks--at a karoake bar.

After that we ordered some pizza. I asked Playboy what he wanted for toppings, and he told me to "put ronis on it." Appalled, I looked at Playboy and shook my head. He was likely surprised by this as I usually LOVE ronis, but I hate the pepperoni pizza from Mesa. Well, it's just not as good as Gyro and Buffalo chkn.

All the unks (minus Yeager) were nearly gone by this point and so of course our plan to get up at 7am in the morning to tailgate did not materialize. Instead, we got up at 9, walked down to the stadium, and battled some bums who were trying to rip us off on ticket prices. Eternal eventually found a ticket on the ground and got in for free, and the other tickets were purchased a few minutes after gametime for about 60% of the previous asking price.

The game was a lot of fun. Hawkeyes won 37-7 and are well on their way to another BCS bowl (championship, perhaps?). Warthog suffered an injury (GOD DAMN BREWERY!) on the way home as he was crawling through the forest to avoid the pedestrian jam on the bridge. Fortunately, Auntie Eternal was able to sew shut the hole on his yellow shirt. After grabbing a bite to eat, we were on to Round 3 of drinking and Round 2 of Wizard Staff. Warthog achieved the elusive "Master Wizard" status by consuming 15 beers, but remembers little afterward. He did destroy Eternal's and Playboy's stalves before Auntie Warthog tricked him into going to bed.

Can't speak for the rest of the Unkys, but I had a fantastic time--glad everyone could make it. Hope to see the rest of you soon (plans for coming home, Pablito?).



Daymonster said...

I'd like to make a staff.

Daymonster said...

also, we should learn how to do this. I bet eternal could do it pretty easily...

beer catch

Unky Eternal said...

Great weekend... Can't wait for the penn st game. Mark my words Warthog, I WILL BECOME THE MASTER WIZARD.

Pablito Neal said...

UNKY! loved the post.

sorry, i don't have any plans to come back to the USA for a visit yet. i will definitely let you guys know when i come and we'll have to attend an MN sporting event.

Dammer said...

That's one of the best stories I've read in a long time. Go Hawks! Go Wizard staffs!