Monday, April 14, 2008

FPS List and Pre-Ordered Games

This one duder named Ed Borden, writes this article about how 7 games created the modern team multiplayer first person shooter. Our current favorites, the Halo and COD series were left of the list. Ed claims that the games he points out were invaluable to the FPS for innovation and in some cases bringing that innovation to the masses. All of the FPS's listed were for PC. While I do understand that COD and Halo weren't exactly innovative as much as Tribes was or even Quake there is something to be said about Halo's innovation.

Puyo, correct me if I am wrong (or even right), but didn't Halo bring the idea of grenade, gun, melee to the FPS, and if they didn't come up with it, weren't they the ones who really popularized it? Also, was Halo one of the first FPS to get rid of the health meter for the run-and-hide-for-a-second method that is used almost universally today? I also think that, Halo 1 popularized the LAN abilities of the console, and Halo 2 did the same for console online gaming. I guess what I am saying is that I think Halo should at least be honorable mention, as it helped immensely to bring FPS to consoles where they are starting to overtake PCs.

Ooops, any who, here is the link to the story with video clips if you don't remember the games.

On the note of serious thoughts about video games, I am currently formulating a thought I have about the popularity of the Wii and the idea of bringing console gaming to the masses, little kids, 40 somethings and even the dreaded elderly. Once I formulate these thoughts I'll post them for some serious discussion.

Oh, also before I forget, I went to GameStop and pre-ordered 3 games yesterday.

April 27th Mario Kart Wii (For you guessed it... Wii)
June 12th Metal Gear Solid 4 (For PS3, the only platform it's on)
April 29th Grand Theft Auto IV (For 360).

I wasn't sure about what system I should get GTA4 for. My brother-in-law will probably get it for PS3 so that would be good for multiplayer, but if other KofC members are thinking about picking it up, I'd probably get it for 360 so we can kill some prostitutes together. The game got a 10 out of 10 from Official Xbox Magazine, so it's probably pretty good.


Squatting Bear said...

man i can't wait to kill me some hookers.

locopuyo said...

yeah that article is fairly nub