Thursday, April 10, 2008

Link Soup

This dude shrunk (almost) an entire Super Mario level into 14kB of java script. It doesn't have power-ups, koopas or music but it's still impressive. (pause for Puyo to say he could make in in 3kB, or that java is for "noobs")

One of my buddies has a cousin that is a lawyer and he writes for a site called "The Booze News." Here is his most recent article about the possibility of getting a DUI on a bicycle. Here is another article about DUIs in general.

Some designers at Bungie show video of the three new maps from the Legendary map pack. It's kinda funny and always gets me excited to play video games while I am at work.

MTV's multiplayer blog, which is pretty decent, talked to numerous black professionals in the video game industry. The article is pretty good especially the part about the perception of black characters in games.

Garfield minus Garfield, is a sweet site that posts Garfield cartoons with the orange cat removed, making Jon Arbuckle look a little bit crazy.

Trout Fry? I am down as long as others attend. It might be tough for me as I need to take a day off work and drive 6 hours by my self. But we will see.


locopuyo said...

All things java are for nubs.

Dammer said...

Not jsp's.

Unky Eternal said...

"So if you’re that rare combination of biking/drinking enthusiast and plan to cover several states on your Huffy"

That sounds awesome...anyone want to do it with me?

locopuyo said...

I don't thinka Huffy could last several states.

Dammer said...

Lol no way. Eternal, if you do decide to make the trek, I forbid you to use a bike that isn't a ten-speed. If it actually has brakes other than pedaling backwards it doesn't count.

Daymonster said...

I guarantee I covered several states in my Huffy back in the day.