Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Not much today. This is kinda funny. Playstation Home is delayed... again. And I guess this game is tough.

If anyone can listen to music during work I suggest tuning into this radio show one of my friends hosts called The Lobotomy from 3-6pm CT. It's usually pretty good and he might throw a shout out to us if we all listen. You can watch the webcam in the studio here, and listen via iTunes or stream in Winamp or Windows Media Player through the links provided.

Any who, besides that there isn't that much going on. So I wanted to ask you what video games you were playing these days (if any). I have been playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl (still not knowing what I am doing), Portal, COD4 of course and I had a resurgence with Rock Band over the weekend.

Dammer did you finish Lost Odyssey yet? If so can I borrow it?


adeclipse said...

Where has everyone been lately? I started playing some CoD4 again and some halo 3, and never see anyone online. Anyways i was just wondering if anyone is still playing anything?

Daymonster said...

I have been around, it's been nice out finally so I have been playing bags and drinking beer, and I even ran a couple(read: one) miles the other day.

I could be on tonight if anyone else wants to play Halo or COD

Dammer said...

Tilla and I have played Halo lately actually, mixed in with COD when Halo gets frustrating. I haven't finished Lost Odyssey since I leave that for weekends and Monday flex days. It isn't the type of game that I can just start and quit in twenty minutes time unfortunately. You can definately borrow it when I'm done.

Daymonster said...

I have also had a resurgence in Halo with the new maps which aren't terrible. Anyone wanna play tonight.

Dammer said...

What's terrible about them is how often fricken Blackout comes up. I've only played the snow level once out of like 20 games.