Saturday, June 14, 2008

Blogging in the Airport

Hey everyone,

I'm here writing a blog from the Amsterdam airport during a short layover on my way to Vienna to see Pablena and soak up the atmosphere of the Euro 2008 tournament. Expect a couple more posts this week and hopefully some good pics of crazy football fans. My flight here went well, I had a normal day of work yesterday then came home to gather my stuff and leave on a 7:30 flight. I just arrived maybe an hour ago but had to go through the long passport line and get my carry-on x-rayed and now I've got another hours or so until my next flight. I'll be in touch so let me know if there are any good souvenirs you'd like, especially duty free booze. I'm already planning on trying to get my hands on some absinthe for our liquor cabinet but I'm not sure how widely available it is outside of the Czech Republic.

- Pablito


Squatting Bear said...

WSOP update:

Squatting Bear has finally cashed in his first live tournament, ending a 0-16 streak. In today's $1500 NLHE, there are 200 out of 2700 left, and Squatting Bear rests comfortably in 75th place. First is 650k.

One time?!?!

Dammer said...

GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO!!!!! Those chips are yours! (Unless you've already gone out since your last post).

FYI I've been in Colorado since Friday, so blog activity will be a little low for me. My cousin just got married yesterday so for the next couple days DanaWillEatU and I are going to be at some hot springs soaking in the sweet sweet Rocky Mountain air.

locopuyo said...


Pablito Neal said...

scroll to 16 June 00:13:42 update

49th place, well done! Good luck in the rest of the tourneys.

Dammer said...

Woot woot! I see you now have a player profile on that site, but
your picture isn't all that impressive. What is your preferred look when you play?

adeclipse said...

That's pretty sweet that you finished that high.