Thursday, June 5, 2008

For Puyo

Well here it is. The future home of Puyo Enterprises. The company that will be producing Dr. Daisy Pet Vet II, III, IV. Dr. Daisy Pet Vet V though IX will be made by EA when they buyout Puyo Enterprises. It's inevitable.

Questions for KofC members:
Squatting Bear: How is Crisis Core?

Eternal: Did you drop Squatting Bear? Do you remember?

Puyo: Was "Rando" upset that I kept calling him "Rando"?

Warthog: When are you moving to Decorah?

Playboy: Do you exist?

Dammer: Were you been on the blog these days?

Adeclipse: Same question as Dammer

Tilla: Why weren't you at the party? Don't say "wedding stuff."

Pablito Neal: I don't really have a question for you.


Pablito Neal said...


locopuyo said...

He didn't mind.

adeclipse said...

Freaking summer school is kicking my ass right now. I just got done with about 6 hours of homework after a 4 hour class this morning, and i still have to watch 3 videos and do questions over those for a few hours. This is becoming an everyday routine and i'm just praying i don't drop asleep in class. I might take a break at some point and shoot some CoD4 tonight if i get this shit done in a while. So, if anyone wants to play some just let me know.

Dammer said...

I've actually been fairly busy at work and I haven't been in my apartment much after work either. Like last night, I went to the Eagle's club for a happy hour that lasted until 8, and they have the tastiest onion rings EVER. I intend to get back into my Sunday post routine though.