Monday, June 16, 2008

Unkys are going to Vegas!

Unkys Eternal and Warthog are headed to Vegas on the 20th! I (Warthog) won a $12,000 dollar entry to the Main Event and decided to take the cash (not only am I only 20, but I need the cash). We'll be in the Vegas area for 4-5 days until RoseBear arrives and the we're headed to the Grand Canyon to go camping. Brokeback Unky?

Ever since I battled back from 2 big blinds in the tournament things have been going exceptionally well for us. If only I were 21 and could buy strippers and blow...

I'm sure SB appreciates the congratulation wishes but he got pretty unlucky toward the end. Unkys are looking forward to partying with him soon.

Daymonster, there are some cheap fares out of Chicago. Are you coming?


Daymonster said...

The cheapest flight I can find is 615 for Saturday-Sunday. If I can get it to around 400 I'll probably do it.

Also, I punched my computer so I need to buy a new one.

Unky Playboy said...