Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Evening Post

Well it's Sunday and I haven't posted in a while, so here goes. There are some interesting things to talk about anyway.

First off we have the Twins being smoked by the White Sox for the 3rd game in a row (10-6, 11-2, 12-2). Will Glen Perkins stop the bleeding against John Danks? Doubtful, Perkins went 4 innings in his last two starts. In fact, the Twins haven't had a starter go past 5 innings for 5 straight games. Before that Slowey went 6 against Baltimore, and Livan Hernandez went 6 in the Yankees series finale. I didn't look at the stats before that, but my guess is the number of "quality starts" for the Twins isn't a very promising statistic for this year. On the bright side, Danks may have a 2.88 ERA against the league but it's over 11 against the Twins. Hell the Twins are hitting .406 against him (unless you count the two hits over 5 innings he gave up to Minnesota the last time they played). Ok ok so that stat is skewed the Twins have only faced Danks twice this season. They put up 7 runs and had Danks out of the game one out into the third inning the first time. Oh, by the way that was April 9th, back when baseball games meant something and Danks was in start-of-season form..........

I was doing sit-ups and watching Dirty Jobs following my 4.5 mile run in the rain (Josey here I come) when I saw a commercial about about what appears to be a sweet celebration. I looked through the site and didn't see anything about free booze, but hey who needs free booze when you're on a cruise named after a beer.  This event got me thinking though, what kind of drinking related happening would get you most excited? In all honesty a booze cruise might just be the pinnacle for me, although I may prefer a fishing/ski boat instead of a cruise ship so that I can get up close and personal with the water. Water and booze, in any combination, are probably good enough. Have you ever had a beer in the shower? There's a reason it tastes twice as good.

Have you guys (Puyo in particular) seen the new Mountain Dews yet? I almost freaked when I saw the three different kinds at WalMart for the first time. I bought the flavor named "SuperNova". It's all right, it reminds me of Pitch Black a little. My only beef with it is that it tastes almost exactly like something else I have had before (which currently escapes my memory). I'm anxious to give the other flavors a whirl. I urge everyone to try the flavors and partake in the new KofC blog poll I created. After we get the results in I think we'll just email Pepsico and they'll have their answer as to which flavor to keep.

Rafael Nadal housed Roger Federer at the French Open....AGAIN. Now, I don't really root for dominance in a sport. For proof of this see my hatred of USC and the New England Patriots in football and the Yankees and Red Sox (as of late) in baseball. But then I think "I rooted for Jordan's bulls, Duncan's Spurs (until I started hoping the Suns would win one), I would have gone wild during the Steeler's 70's dominance, and I hope Iowa never loses another sporting event ever". So why do I HATE the teams I mentioned above? Maybe it's the payrolls and recruiting advantage (stupid sunny California). Maybe it's the bastardness of the management and players (Belichick, Steinbrenner, Manny Ramirez, Tom Brady). It's probably the bastardness and my overall disaprovall of how they've done what they've done. I guess that would help explain why I root for Tiger Woods and Federer. Roger (yeah we're on a first name basis) has never won the French and after today's drubbing it doesn't look like he ever will unless Nadal is injured. I just wanted him to get his career grand slam. I suppose that would help explain why I rooted for Nadal at the last Wimbledon, a 5 set loss to Federer. I just wanted Nadal to get closer to it as well. So that brings us to the NBA Finals. I'm rooting for Boston. I loved Larry Bird and I don't really like Kobe (not hate, just a small amount of dislike). I'm a fan of KG, and all in all I like the color green far more than yellow/purple. So Boston it is. Will I be watching the game this evening? No, I'm going to watch "When We Left Earth" on Discovery HD instead.

SB good luck in Vegasland. May the Nevada Gaming Commission shine fortune upon you. Also, if you make it to TV I expect to see you ride 8-J to victory. Unless of course doing that would cause you to lose. Please provide updates or tell someone in the know to do it. I think you should ask Rose Bear to do it.

Happy Sunday!


locopuyo said...

I'll have to check those out.

Squatting Bear said...

i'm excited about the new mountain dews.

i'm 0/3 in wsop events so far. I've gone deep in all 3 but busted just before the money. i'm pretty dissapointed, but i'll just have to keep grinding.

Daymonster said...

How are you doing in the ladies no-limit event?

Squatting Bear said...

haha, a few of us were actually thinking of playing that, because they can't legally prevent men from entering, and it would be by far the easiest tournament of all time. but it would just be too embarassing.

locopuyo said...

I thought he meant the other ladies no limit event.

Daymonster said...

Here is my response to your epic post:

Twins suck, worst weekend to be living in Chicago.

I was at the game vs. Danks, up until this weekend every game I had gone to had been a blow out by the twins. I have yet to go to a close Sox vs Twins game at US Cellular.

I signed up for the Bud Light Party cruise, even if you win it's still 174 a person. Not that it would be a lot for a booze cruise, but why are they charging at all if it's a contest.

Booze Ski trip, or booze cross country rally would be cool too.

I have seen the new Dews but have yet to try them. The purple one looks the best. Possible blog post taste test.

I don't really care either way in Tennis, I want Federer to beat Nadal at the french open but I want Nadal to beat Rodger everywhere else. I think it speaks to my hatred of domination.

If I have actual ties to a team and they dominate thats one thing (like if the Twins became really good, like really really good, not 2002-2006, pretty good) than I would be okay with it, but I don't then I no longer like them. (I used to be a big colts fan when I was in 5th grade, now I don't care about them)

I want the Celtics to sweep, I hate Kobe.

Yes, good luck SB. Also, good luck to me finding a reasonable ticket to Vegas to join you.

DJmaestro said...

I ended my consumtion of all three of the new dews about two weeks ago so I'm sorry but you guys are behind. I will say that the one infused with wild berry might be the best. I don't totally remember, but I do know that the dew infused with raspberry was not pleasing. Personally I think that it would be worth their while just to abolish all three new flavors and bring back Pitch Black. Cause come on it's obviously better. Eventhough I'm not a member, a KofC petition for best flavor should be in order.

Anna said...

what about game fuel? Baja blast? Anyone that comments on the blog is at least at member status... possibly higher.

Daymonster said...

god dammit, that was me not annamonster.

Dammer said...

Game Fuel should be brought back along with Pitch Black. I just don't understand why they were taken away from me.

DJmaestro said...

This sounds like a call for one of Dammer's angry drunk letters, except this time he might not have to be drunk.