Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Good Luck Squatting Bear

Squatting Bear left yesterday to go to the City of Lights, Las Vegas. Wait, never mind the City of Lights is Paris. Well there is a casino called Paris in Vegas so I guess it works.

Anywho, I think I speak for all of us when I say I hope SB wins millions and millions of dollars so he can get an even bigger house, so I don't have to try and find a place to sleep, and choose Dammer's truck as the most comfortable resting spot.

I think I also speak for all of us, when I say I had a great time this past weekend and on several occasions I thought the guy that Puyo brought to the party was Adeclipse. Eternal, sorry I lost your phone, but I am glad you found it. We did order 15 pepperoni pizza's from Domino's and that was probably the highlight of the night. However, Unky's triumphant return to the US was pretty triumphant.

I will post some pictures soon, but I need to make sure there is nothing too incriminating with them.

Dammer sleepy

Also, check out this really funny Onion Article called, Liberty City Police Face Allegations Of Incompetence, Brutality


Pablito Neal said...

highlight for me was probably when sb tried to do a kegstand and the people dropped him face first into the ice. then everyone fell over laughing and sb just knelt there to drink out of the keg's hose.

Daymonster said...

Who was holding him?

Daymonster said...

Also, up there, the first and unsuccessful Rose Bear BB

Pablito Neal said...

i don't recall for certain who was trying to hold him. maybe unky and mc?

Daymonster said...

Sounds like something Unky would do. Drop his own brother.

locopuyo said...

I think it was Unky and MC. It was a pretty sweet party.

I'm anxiously awaiting the 1337 picture.