Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Simpsons Quake Mod

There have been a lot of cool mods over the years. But for me, nothing is as detailed or a cool as this. It's actually fairly old but I just found out about it. Seriously, check out the video. This is way better than any Simpsons video game yet. Even better then this one.

Sent some questions to "Rando" AKA Kinny, AKA (we don't know his gamertag yet) once we get those back I'll post a get to know 'em.

Haven't played any vids lately, it's been too nice and I have been exercising. Under 200 lbs now. Goal is 180. What are my chances? What have you guys been doing? Josey, you finish your law review article yet? Pablito, what's new? Puyo, still pwning hot chicks? Everyone, else comment below with what you have done this summer and what your plans are for the rest of the summer.


Tim Christensen said...

After returning from Europe I had a couple days at home (one of which I spent partying at SB's) and then I headed down to Decorah for the summer.

I started my job the day after I arrived and it involved moving various things from one place on campus to another. We load things into pickup trucks (2001 F150s), drive them across campus, and then unload them. Some of the things we've done have been hauling 500 matresses from storage to the dorms, moving set material to a theater, and helping a professor move a wine cooler and 300 bottles of wine into his new house. He didn't even offer us a bottle, wtf?

After doing that for a week Decorah got hit with some heavy rains. For a few days I spent my time sandbagging around our gymnasium area and other low places around campus. At one point our large parking lot had 6 feet of water in it and all our outdoor athletic facilities were completely flooded. It was pretty cool seeing it all develop as well as the innovations various people made to make the process more efficient.

After working for a week or so more (7am to 4pm) I had my big score online. Since then I've been relaxing and playing more poker. I took this entire week off to go to Vegas with Dave and we're having a good time.

It would be a little better if I were 21 (July 16th), but it's still a lot of fun.

The rest of the summer involves possibly quitting my job, turning 21, doing some preparation for LSAT and senior project, and hopefully another trip in August to somewhere. Chicago perhaps?

I may need some help deciding whether or not to quit my job, so feel free to give me advice.

Dammer said...

If your job involves unruly hours, unfair treatment, old people, or unfair pay, you need to quit right now. Or better yet, don't show up and just let yourself get fired a couple times.

Daymonster said...


Come to Chicago, I got plenty of room for all KofCers.

locopuyo said...

his gamertag is shoesmcgee

Dammer said...

The Futurama movie is worse than the first one, but contains the single funniest moment in Futurama history (IMHO). Plus the trailer for the third looks like the third will be amazing. It's called Bender's Game and is a parody of D&D/LOTR/other stuff like that. It looks hilarious.

Oh yeah, one of the bonus features on the disc was them taking the original Futurama video game for Playstation (2?), recording the cutscenes in order and then putting in a little bit of gameplay to create a twenty minute episode. It actually worked pretty good.