Friday, May 30, 2008

Don't go to Sex and the City this Weekend!

While I think I could leave it at that and have all of you be like "Well, no shit, I wasn't planning on it anyway." I would hope not, especially with the Housewarming Partay this weekend. But, just in case any of you were going to be dragged to it, by I don't know... Wifeclipse, I have another, MORE important reason to not go.

I could win a weeks worth of delicious Chipotle burritos. A girl at work made an outrageous statement that the Sex and the City movie (SATC) would be the largest grossing movie in the first weekend of any film. Bigger than Spiderman, bigger than Pirates of the Carribean, bigger than that third, but technically the sixth Star Wars movie. I nearly spit out my Dr. Pepper at the sound of such an ludicrous claim.

I then bet her a weeks worth of Chipotle that it would not be the top grossing movie, she backpeddled a bit and we finally agreed that it would have to be in the top four movies. So it can't beat these blockbusters or I have to buy 5 Chipotle Burritos:

Title Opening Gross Date
1 Spider-Man 3 $151,116,516 5/4/2007
2 POTC: Dead Man's Chest $135,634,554 7/7/2006
3 Shrek the Third $121,629,270 5/18/2007
4 Spider-Man $114,844,116 5/3/2002

Full list can be seen here. Besides Shrek, all of these are action movies, SATC is not. All of these are rated PG-13 or lower, SATC is rated R. I think you need the little kids with their parents to make a ton of money. That's almost like an additional ticket guaranteed for every viewer.

I think I got some free burritos coming.


Squatting Bear said...

yeah you win. rose bear might be going tonight, tho.

adeclipse said...

I'm pretty sure you're going to win that bet without any problem. There is no way that it is going to beat movies like Spiderman and Shrek. It has to much of a specific following, and I don't think that the following is very big. The critics aren't even estimating it to break like $50 million. I wouldn't go see it anyways, but i'll stop anyone from going if i can.

Pablito Neal said...

you win that bet. those free burritos are gonna taste so sweet!

Josey WaIes said...

There are so many reasons why you have one this bet its not even funny.

Dammer said...

Tis is in the bag. You might as well preorder your burritos right now. Silly girl.

adeclipse said...

You're looking good. It only grossed $28.25 million opening day, and people are now estimating it to be a $70 million opening week.

Dammer said...

I just saw a trailer for The Dark Knight finally. July 18th.