Wednesday, May 28, 2008

KofC Get to Know 'Em: Adeclipse [Round 2]

1. Since all our GF's have variations of our names, what would your wife's name be? We have been referring to her as Girlclipse or Wifeclipse.
I like the Wifeclipse one.

2. When will she write about Vids?
I'm sure i could get her to write about them whenever she has some free time. I'm sure she has quite a bit to say about my love of video games.

3. Post a picture of Wifeclipse.
I'll have to find a picture first. We aren't big on the whole picture taking thing. [Editor's Note: Liar.]

4. How fast do you think you could drink a boot? Would you use any specific technique? (i.e. Josey sits on his beers to get them to optimal temperature):
I'm not exactly sure what the definition of a boot is to tell you the truth. But, I will ask is there a funnel that i can poor said boot through? [Editor's Note: Watch this.]

5. What specifically interested you in KofC. I think you alluded to this before, but please be more specific. (i.e. was there any one member you thought was really lame, but emailed anyway?)
I really couldn't say what interested me in KofC. It seemed like a smaller group of people which i thought was cool, since the bigger groups never seem to play together, and don't seem to know each other.

6. Do you think their will ever be another "random convert"? Would you feel jealous or would you welcome the other one(s)? What are you saying by "random convert"?
If you're referring to another member that doesn't know everyone it's cool with me so long as they don't suck ass at CoD4 or Halo, and go like 1-32 in games.

7. Word on the street is you are a big puss, how would you get over your "myriad of injuries" to take on Josey?
Like I said, i don't use rules when I fight. If it's an object that is solid and has the possibility of cracking skulls, then it's an object I'd like to use. Really the only injury I have right now is my shoulder. I dislocated it playing soccer about a year ago, and never let it heal correctly. Also, it's not so much that I’m a puss, I just don't stop and let things rest when I'm hurt so they don't heal correctly.

8. On a scale of 0 to 1 million (1 million being a for sure thing and 0 being no chance in hell) what are the chances you will be ringing SB's doorbell for the KofC housewarming party?
Right now i'd have to say 32. I don't want to say no way, because if i drink enough, who knows where i'll show up at. [Editor's Note: So you're telling me there's a chance? Yeah!]

9. Follow up question: If not this weekend, when are you going to come to Minnesota/Iowa/Illinois and visit some KofC members?
I need to at some point. Problem is being married and planning trips right now. Maybe I'll get the chance to come up at some point. My wife has family in Chicago, in Palestine or something, and we occasionally will go up there for family reunions. Also, there are some family members in Michigan or something.

10. Why isn't Dajuicee a member of KofC?
I don't know. I keep telling him to send y'all an e-mail.

11. Also, like other noble KofC members (I think only Unky Warthog) you were a "band" kid. At the risk of sounding cliche, tell us a "band camp" story.
I was a band kid, this is true. But, I played drums so it's not as bad as it sounds. [Editor’s note: still sounds bad]. I also used to play set for a few groups, and still help to lay down tracks. As far as a band camp story goes, This one time at band camp... I don't know if i really have a story. I did send a guy home from camp because i broke his rib playing football once. That's really not that interesting though. The most interesting memories were walking in on my Cousin/roommate at camp, just going at it with different girls. Also, I caught 2 random people having sex in a dumpster.

12. Rate your perception of drinking abilities of the KofC members as well as yourself.
Everyone seems as though they're able to hold their own in drinking from the stories I’ve read. I think of my drinking abilities as being pretty good. I mean, I’m Texan, I’m German, my blood runs alcohol through it 24/7.

13. Besides, Dajuicee and your wife, is there anyone else that is aware of your membership in the KofC clan? Are you ashamed to tell people?
MyBigDumbFace knows. I don't have a ton of people that I hang out with now, being at school again and not having lived here in a while, but I talk to people sometimes randomly and get to talking about like CoD4 and I’ll tell them I’m in a clan. They can kiss my ass if they don't like it or think it's funny.

14. On your facebook page, your religious views are stated, "There is a God and Jesus rules." Do you mean like Jesus Rules!, like O’Doyle Rules! or in a different way, please elaborate.
Yeah I should have included a “!” after it. I don't view myself as being one particular denomination besides Christian. I guess since I go to Baylor I would say I’m a Baptist, but I grew up going to a Methodist Church, so who knows.

15. Unky Warthog wants to know, if you were stranded on a deserted Island and you had to be there with one KofC member and one Marvin Gaye song, what would the song be and who would be the KofC member?
I guess I’d go with the song "I Heard it Through the Grapevine". If you don't like that song, then there is something wrong with you. I guess I’d take Josey along, that way if it got really boring we could at least fight apparently.

16. Besides KofC Blog and email, what are your top 5 most visited websites?, NetFlix,, (fantasy football keeper league), and Google Video.

17. SB and Pablito are starting a band. Would you be in it and what should the name be?
Obviously I’d be in it. I love music and I figure that's what I’m going for right now with my major. The name should be something like the “Sex Pistols Revisited”, or something like that. Also, you have to include the word Featuring in it. Even if you aren't featuring anyone. It makes it sound cooler.

18. Favorite Drinking game?
Kings, or Ring of Death. Both are good games. Ring of death is really if you want to skip the fun part and just get fucked up quickly. As far as a non-card game goes, Beer pong is my favorite.


Dammer said...

I'll admit to being a band person. I played trombone all through high school.

Daymonster said...

I played trombone for about 2 days, I sucked so I quit.

Squatting Bear said...

dammer what time you coming saturday?

Dammer said...

Sometime in the earlyish afternoon. DanaWillEatU will be going to work at the candy factory and then I'll start the drive up. SB or Josey or Pablito can you email/text me your address so I can mapquest myself to your front door?

Pablito Neal said...

does this mean you're still keeping danawilleatu's true identity a secret from all of us?

Squatting Bear said...

1443 sargent ave. saint paul 55105