Friday, May 9, 2008

Nintendo Wii = Not as bad as you think

UPDATE: This weekend is a Team Snipers Double EXP weekend for Halo. I don't really care about EXP but I think Team Snipers might be fun. Anyone wanna play this weekend?

Let me first start by telling you, I know you all hate the Wii. It's a noob console, it's "gay", and it sucks. I get that. But you have to understand I am surrounded by girls. And not in the cool multiple sex partners way. In the I only hangout with girls as friends way.

This is why I bought a Wii. It's either play Mario Kart Wii or watch re-runs of Sex and the City.

Also, the Virtual Console is pretty sweet. I just picked up Super Mario Bros. for NES for 500 Wii points. If you are not familiar with the Wii point exchange rate these days, they are trading at a 1 Wii point to 1 cent ratio. So Mario for NES for 5 bucks isn't too bad.

Speaking of the good old Nintendo Entertainment System, you have to check out this dudes working gianormous NES controller coffee table. He has all of the steps documented here.

Make sure you check out the pictures of the house that's hosting the 1st Annual KofC Housewarming Partay.


adeclipse said...

That is one big controller. I don't know how you'd use it without multiple people though.

On another note, 1 final down, just a few more to go for this semester.

I'll be on playing CoD4 tonight again, it would be fun to get enough people together for a team again if anyone is able to play. Just let me know. Dajuicee and I will be playing some when he gets off around 2ish, and then we'll be on tonight more than likely.

Daymonster said...

yeah, good luck with finals... bahaha

Tilla said...

I'm down with playing either some COD or Halo tonight. I'm thinking Dammer might be down as well. It will be way better if we got enough clanmates to at least play as a team.

adeclipse said...

I think that CoD is more fun as a clan, mainly because I like CoD more than Halo right now, but i'm willing to play either.

I know I talked with Josey, and I saw Daymont have to endure this yesterday, but playing with people you don't know isn't nearly as fun as playing as a clan. When you play as a clan it seems like you understand what everyone is doing a lot better than with random people. I know Daymont got owned a few times last night in some games that he and i played beacuse our teammates were complete idiots and didn't cover his back or let him know that there were people around. It seemed like the other night when we played with 6 people we were covering all of the aspects of the maps and covered each other pretty well on the maps. That is a lot more fun in my opinion. I'll be on in just a little while, and then either still be on tonight, or will be getting back on tonight to play some more.

Good luck to everyone on their finals too.

Daymonster said...

Haha that last game I got owned so bad, I turned off the Xbox. So close to breaking a controller, like the good old days.

Sorry about that Adeclipse, I was like the angry german kid.

Yeah, our teammates would just run by enemies and get me ambushed every time. Or throw grenades as I would run into rooms. I was getting really mad.

I'll be on tonight.

Dammer said...

Tilla and I are playing Halo right now so that we can hang out and vid in the same room (otherwise we'd be Codding). I'll be playing all night tonight and tomorrow as well. Twins game is at 7, and it's actually on FSN HD so I might take a vid break and watch that.

Josey WaIes said...

" I only hangout with Annamonster's friends "

" It's either play Mario Kart Wii or watch re-runs of Sex and the City. "

- The Daymonster

Let it be known, Daymonster is in the running for the most under appreciated, best boyfriend award in the whole world.

If you wake up every day knowing your choices are to either watch sex and the city or play mario cart wii, and you keep doing it over and over again, you deserve something.

Stay strong Daymonster, stay strong!

Let it be known the this is not an attack on Annamonsters friends, and in no way suggests they are bad people, just that it sucks The Daymonster has no other friends that will do cool suff with him.