Wednesday, May 7, 2008

COD Last Night & Dammer's Trout Fry Fun

Adeclipse, Puyo, Josey and I. Along with the dynamic duo that is MyBigDumbFace and Dajuicee. Had a good time playing COD4 last night. Besides the first game I don't think we lost again. It's surprisingly more fun when you are all working together and there isn't one 14yr old kid making fart noises. Just Adeclipse breathing heavily into his mic constantly.

I'll be soaking wet at the Twins vs. Sox game tonight so I won't be on. But I hope to have some more old school KofC nights in the future where we can play some Halo, COD, or even try out some GTA multiplayer together.

That's all I got for today. But since Eternal never sent me a post about Trout Fry. And other members like me, Adeclipse and I think Pablito have never experienced it. I wanted to post Dammers wonderful narrative about his experience. Without further ado...

Trout Fry: The Experience
By DammerWillEatU

Trout Fry, an experience unlike any other! Well…not really, but kind of. Given more time and the proper planning/partying Trout Fry has loads of potential, but seeing as I was there for only 20 minutes I can’t really say that I actually had a “Trout Fry” experience. I can say I was there, and I can say it was fun, but it wasn’t what I wanted. It wasn’t what I wanted because I didn’t take Friday off. Arriving at 7:45 at night? Bad choice. It’ll be easier next year for me because I’ll have vacation hours not already spoken for that I can spend, and I fully intend to arrive early and stay late. If there is one impression I took from Trout Fry it is that only being there for 20 minutes is like licking your salted hand only to find out someone used all your lime and tequila and the bar is closing for the night. With that said, here is my experience. Buckle your seatbelts and don’t forget to put on the red and blue 3-D(ammer) glasses!

I woke up on Friday the 25th just like I woke up most days in college, with the knowledge of a forthcoming fun drinking experience helping me through the responsible parts of my day. In college it was class/practice, this last Friday it was work. Thankfully for me my day was spent as a code monkey writing Java code for a new internet application I’m building. Time flies when you’re having fun (and yes I do have fun writing code…I’m a nerd) and before I knew it the clock struck 4:00 and I was able to grab my coat and head down to my truck. It kinda sucked when I realized that in my excitement and haste I had left my cell phone, wallet, apartment keys, and truck keys still sitting in/on my desk, but hey at least I remembered them before I got outside and to my locked vehicle. A quick retrieval, an even faster drive back to my apartment, and an even faster packing of a duffel bag put me back on track and driving east to Rochester where I could meet up with my nemesis Highway 52. I call it my nemesis because I received my first speeding ticket on it when I was simply trying to get SB, Josey and I to see Blade Trinity. Welcome to Chatfield, Home of the 6 Foot Tall Asshole (I can tell you the joke in the comments if you want). At this point my hunger was getting the best of me, but in order to ensure that I wasn’t going to drink on a full stomach I purchased the minimum at the Chatfield Kwik Trip. One can of Sour Cream and Onion Pringles (Unky W. is your mouth watering?) and a bottle of Code Red later and I was back on the road. I made good time to Decorah and had arrived in town at about 7:00. I had tried calling SB, Josey, and Eternal when I was getting close but the cell phone reception at the drinking fields is poor, and thus I was forced to drive around in circles and wait for one of the drunk delivery busses. When one of the busses finally did arrive and stop at the Casey’s to gas up I asked the driver for a ride. He said no more rides, so I asked for directions. He started talking about bridges and gravel and rights and lefts, so then I asked if I could follow him and he said sure. Unfortunately gassing up a bus takes 20 minutes I guess, because by the time we headed out for the party it was 7:30 already. I was anxious to get there and tail-gating the bus out of excitement for 15 miles was possibly the most excruciating moment of the whole trip. It’s like the walk home from the bar with a hot chick (actual or perceived). You’re excited for when you get back and the longer it takes the more time there is for something horrible to happen and ruin your plans. Needless to say I arrived at the drinking fields safe and sound. Thus ends my long, nondescript, pre-drinking journey.

First impressions are important, or so they say, and the first impression I got when I arrived at Trout Fry was a good one. As I locked up my truck I watched as one of the busses almost ran over a drunken party goer. I watched someone trying to climb in the back door of the bus fall back down and get laughed at by all his friends. I saw dudes that were there for the drinking, dudes that were there more for the social atmosphere, and dudes that were there because they wanted to be considered cool and acted way drunker than they actually were because they didn’t want their soberish girlfriend to think they were lame and couldn’t get sloshed. People were walking around with large containers of beer so that is always a good sign. I proceeded to walk where I figured the party must be and after some quick searching I spied Josey moseying somewhere with a medium sized stick as only Josey can mosey. I assumed he was trying to construct a crude video or beer gaming console out of woodland materials, but instead he just wanted to roast a marshmallow (sit back down and read the rest of the story Unky W. the marshmallows in the kitchen can wait). I then saw the B’s (S and R) sitting at a picnic table, and upon entering my circle of friends I received a warm greeting from everyone. I was glad to see the Unkys Yaeger and Playboy as well as the regulars. Amerman was also a nice addition. I must admit I was amazed at and grateful for the level of sobriety everyone had. It’s hard to start drinking when everyone else is already done and gone. As I was regaled with tales of picnic tables pushed into rivers and playful otters entertaining the drinking folks, I grabbed a handle on the nearest two quart jug I could find and had my first sip of booze for the night. Sweet delicious beer flowed down my throat and I thought to myself “truly this is the drink of kings and gods alike”. After ten minutes of chatting about mud wrestling, vids, and RB’s discomfort with the weather we decided that it was quite cold outside (which it was, no doubt about it) and we would have more fun drinking back in UnkyVille. At this point I only had the equivalent of a beer or two in me so I drove the B’s back in my truck while Josey took the Unkys back in Eternal’s car. Thus ends my Trout Fry experience.

The rest of the night was pretty standard. Cases of beer were acquired, various peoples were visited, Pizza Ranch delivered, and before I knew it we had arrived at Club Scoes. I immediately participated in a chug of a Foster’s can in the “drinking corner for booze smugglers” with Eternal…I think…and then grabbed a stool at a round table to sit at for the rest of the night. Eternal was ordering and delivering the pitchers on SB’s dime, Josey was out making valuable connections with potential clients of his law practice, enticing them with offers of Creamy Dark, and the B’s were coming and going from the dance floor. Dancing Bears are truly a sight to see. At bar close we hoofed it back to UnkyVille…or got a ride….I dunno. I layed down on the couch and listened as others discussed the evening. The B’s took to the UnkyVille Cave, which makes sense considering they’re bears, and Josey was sowing his seed in Kip’s bed with some yet to be facebook poached chick. In my opinion, I think everyone got out of the evening what they wanted. As I drifted into a dreamless sleep thoughts of Family Table breakfast rushed through my head, and thus ended my brief re-entry into the college party scene.

At daybreak the next day everyone was roused from their slumber and we hopped into Pete’s car for some delicious Family Table. I ordered the biscuits and gravy with a side of bacon and some mozzarella sticks (fine Unky W. you can go get some food I’ll wait....................................). Each person at the table ordered a shake and the waitress was visibly irritated. Breakfast conversation centered around Eternal’s uneasiness with the female queef, which is a post topic for another day, and amazingly not a single mention of Josey’s bedroom exploits from the night before were uttered (I beg of you Josey, please give details on what transpired). After Family Table, Josey and the B’s took to the road and went back home. I’m currently also hoping that SB will give an update on his house moving experience. The rest of my day was pure bliss. Eternal and I purchased Apocalypto and American Gangster from Movie Gallery. I was very pleased with Apocalypto, and after that finished we proceeded to watch the movie Jaws. By the time Jaws ended hunger pangs were hitting so Eternal, Yaeger, and I went to Great Dragon for some delicious Chinese buffet. I spent most of my time consuming the crab rangoon and rice with general tso’s or sesame chicken on top. Following GD it was time for video games, with Star Wars Battlefront and Big Bumpin filling time. There was a small amount of COD played as well, but since that isn’t split screen it isn’t very much fun for the group setting. By now my brother had arrived, back from his track meet, and we proceeded to consume beers and play vids. After the partying in the various cluster rooms had died down a little (about the time everyone went to the bar) the Unkys Yaeger, Playboy, and Eternal played Halo 1 with Amerman, my brother and I. The team of Yaeger, Playboy, and Amerman outplayed Eternal, my brother, and I averaging a 15 kill victory in most games to 50. My play quality increased each game however and I again became accustomed to fall damage and actually having to precisely aim. At the end of the night I grabbed my duffel and followed my brother back to his dorm room for a restful night’s sleep. The next morning I again took to the road and made the journey to my parent’s house. On the way I remembered that I had left American Gangster in UnkyVille. (Eternal that can be yours to keep, I’ll just buy it here.) Thus ended my weekend. I think Barry Badrinath says it best when bouncing quarters off the hood of the Von Wolfhaus brothers’ car, the trip was definitely “just like college” well worth it. Hell, the food alone was worth the trip.


adeclipse said...

Very nice. Trout fry sounds like a good thing from that description. It was a lot of fun last night playing CoD4 with everyone. I've been getting on most nights to play with Mybigdumbface and Dajuicee since they live in Waco next to me, but we had been missing everyone else due to work, or GTA. We'll be on again tonight i'm pretty sure at around 8 or 9ish if anyone is interested in playing again. I also agree that it's more fun without a 12 year old telling everyone that they suck when it doesn't matter. As far as the mic issue, i'm just not sure what is wrong with it. It's always done that, so i guess i'll just turn it off in game unless i'm playing with people i don't know. That way i can annoy them.

locopuyo said...

Holy crap that is too damn long to read myself. I had Opera read it to me as I ate and brushed my teeth. Solid last line.

Adeclipse your mic is fine most of the time, once and a while you get the breathe thing going on.

Daymonster said...

don't waste your breath Unky Warthog.

Unky Eternal said...

I have been super busy with school recently so i apologize for not posting more.
Here is a summary of my experience:
At about 2:30 AM on thursday night, I get the surprise of my life. I was rotting in the conference room of my dorm writing a really sick genetics paper when who should appear...none other than Josey, obviously drunk, ready to party. SB and Rose were really sober, but Josey had a look in his eye like he was ready to tear some shit up. I wrote a bullshit email to my prof and decided i would entertain my guests. We went to the gas station...shucks...they dont sell booze at this hour...time for plan b. Josey proceeded to "acquire" some booze from some not-so-lucky nub in my dorm. We watched beerfest, drank some boots (obv) than went to bed.
The next morning, i was woken up earlier than i would have liked and brought to the hut. We got the buffet and i felt contently full. I dont remember what we did until trout fry, but we drove my car over to the camp site at around 3. We got there and started to booze...hard. My memory got pretty blurry from this point on...i remember a bunch of chicks getting really pissed at me for wanting to shit in their bathroom, and i remember drinking beer...and lots of it. Dammer arrived and we left approx. 20 minutes later. Josey drove my car back with about 8 people in a 5 person car. There was mud wrestling at the campsite and someone in my car must have participated because it was (and still is) ridden with mud on the outside and inside. Dammer, i vaguely remember chugging that foster's with you, but i do remember SB handing me about two hundo for to buy 10 pitchers with. And that's when i blacked out.
Next day, still drunk, went to FT for some shakes and sausages. For some reason, I brought up the fact that hanging out with girls can be dangerous because you can never tell if they are queefing or farting. I fell into one of my laughing trances that i often fall into at the Family Table after a hard night of drinking, and all was well. Josey, Rose, and SB left-so me and Dammer were left to figure out what to do. I suggested playing some vids and watching some Mel Gibson movies and that is exactly what we did. We played COD4, Halo, and watched one of my favorites, Apocolypto.

All in all, despite having to turn my paper in late, it was a very enjoyable mini-bender.

Squatting Bear said...

Dammer's account is pretty much spot on. I feel like Josey and I deserve some sort of award or beatdown for staying quite sober throughout trout fry, but I'm not sure which.

Josey WaIes said...

I had not been back to Luther for over a year, it was really nice to see all my old friends. I did not get super wasted as SB noted, I was talking to so many people I had not seen and I really enjoyed it! It payed off because it got really cold and rainy, and I was sober enough to drive back, thank god.

Also COD4 two nights ago pwned hard, we need to play as a group more often, its way more fun and we kicked major ass. A final note, Adeclipse by the fucking new maps, the new outdoor map is really good, I have not played the other ones as much, but I am sure they are fun as well.

adeclipse said...

Ok ok, I bought the new freaking maps. I'm not really a fan of them yet, but it could be because i don't know them yet. You're still screwed though if we play with the "Dynamic Duo" of Dajuicee and MyBigDumbFace though because they refuse to spend money on them, since they will become free in a few months anyways.

The three of us, being the people i said above, played again last night and will more than likely be playing again tonight if anyone is interested in getting on to play some more. They won't be on until about 10:30ish when they get off of work, but i should be on before that playing some. So, since there is not a baseball game to go to, or a Trout Fry, I will assume that everyone will be on to clean up in some CoD4 tonight.

See y'all there tonight.

Pablito Neal said...

i thought this would be an interesting story but it's actually boring