Thursday, May 8, 2008

Overdue House Post

So it's about time one of us made a post about SB's new house. He bought it about a month ago and we moved in April 28. It was an exhausting day. SB got a huge Uhaul and he and Josey moved everything from their apartment to the house and everything was packed in the living room for about a day. I met them in the afternoon, we went and emptied my storage unit, brought over my stuff, and returned the truck.

Setting up my bed was my first priority so I did that and then we worked on moving other furniture to our bedrooms, the porch, and the basement. We tried to move the big leather L couch to the basement but only succeeded in severely scratcing and marking up the stairway because the couch was just too large to fit so we left it in the living room. SB got a smaller black leather loveseat to match it, a new 52" LCD, and a nice coffee table so that room's basically set up. The dining room is empty except for a rug but a table and chairs has been ordered and should be arriving in a few weeks. The kitchen is adequate, the stove and oven are super old but the fridge is brand new and the most important feature is the dishwasher. The porch has my old dining table and chairs as well as my couch. It'll be a great spot to chill out in the summer and it's our cigar smoking room. The basement is far from set up but it has the big TV, the surround sound, and a few chairs so it's already perfect for playing vids.

Other notable features are our ever-expanding (and contracting) liquor cabinet, the heated floor in the bathroom, and my cranky cat. SB has a desktop and TV in his bedroom so technically he never has to leave but we see him around sometimes. Actually Josey is the one hiding most of the time because he put his desk down in the dungeon area of the basement next to the washer and dryer so he's normally slaving away down there but hopefully that will end when he takes his last final soon.

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locopuyo said...

yo the link is busto.

Pablito Neal said...

the link works fine, you just have to log into flickr/yahoo. but try this one instead:

Daymonster said...

lol @ the picture of josey playing vids.

Unky, when I first heard about that a bit ago I thought it was nationwide. I was so pissed when it was just at selected stores in Ohio.

Squatting Bear said...

think how pissed you'd be if you were a worker at one of those stores.

Dammer said...

Think how pissed you'd be if it was Pizza Ranch and they refused to honor it.

Squatting Bear said...

pizza ranch would no doubt refuse to honor it.