Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Rose Bear

Happy Birthday Rose Bear. I am sure SB will take you to I don't know... Morton's for dinner. He will wear a somewhat wrinkly white button up shirt and dirty khaki type pants. Possibly comb his hair but probably not. I hope you have a good time.

SB, why didn't you attend this?


Pablito Neal said...

happy birthday rose! i hope our toilet survives the onslaught that's coming later tonight!

Daymonster said...

I just read in on a message board that 25 is too old to play halo. So I guess in 1 year I have to stop... but then again I haven't played in a long time either.

Dammer said...

Sweet I have two full years to play Halo once every 3 months! Unless of course they make an addition to Halo 1 on 360 that allows me to play it on XBL.

Happy birthday RB!!!