Monday, August 11, 2008

Weight Loss Challenge "Stretch/Shrink" Run

As the final weigh-in approaches Eternal and Warthog find themselves within 1/2 pound of each other. Since the last weigh-in, Eternal has lost ground and Warthog has stepped up his diet and exercise regime.

How is SB doing?

I just went to the co-op today to buy some good produce. I got apples, oranges, and strawberries to finish off the final 3 days. I'm hoping I can lose 3-4 more pounds by Thursday to have a respectable weight loss over the course of the month. I sure as hell am not gonna be watching Brokeback come Friday night.

In other news, Eternal and I plan to be in the cities this weekend and then will move into our new college residence (senior off campus housing) the next week. I've also started to study for the LSATs which is not very fun at all. Off to run now.


fuggfrist said...

I can see sb being close in the running due to "physical activities" w/ josey over the past week on their "date" with nature. I think I can pull up sven/jb to the cities w/ me this weekend so hopefully all of us can hang out. Gw on weight loss challenge- now you should see who can gain it back the fastest!

Dammer said...

I played with this guy in COD this evening. Lost lost brother SB?

locopuyo said...

yeah, you of course signed off as soon as I signed on. I only have like 3 more headshots until I get blue tiger.

Dammer said...

Lol, I went out to run at 8 so I probably wouldn't have played anyway. I've been playing Puzzle Quest after work, it's pretty fun in a "why do you like such lame and weird RPG's Dammer?" sort of way.