Sunday, January 27, 2008

Good Luck Unky Warthog!

As many of you know we will be missing the services of our best driver. That's because Unky Warthog has left for Malta, the small island nation in the Mediterranean Sea. The geography of Malta is what the maps Valhalla and Standoff were modeled after and Unky is spending the next semester mastering the terrain in a real world setting.

I think I speak for everyone at the Knights of Cydonia, when I say "Good Luck Unky" and I am sure you will be an even better hog driver when you get back in the summer.

To read more about Malta check out the following links.
Wikipedia Malta
CIA Factbook on Malta
Official Tourism site for Malta
University of Malta

This is also my prediction for the new vehicle on one of the new maps. Unky get ready to own in this guy.


Josey WaIes said...

Question. The new maps are going to have new vehicals?

Question. When are the new maps coming out?

Daymonster said...

In Bungies update about the 3 new maps, the dood says this about Cottonball (just the code name for now)... "Its inclusion of a surprising vehicle or two may make it even more interesting than it already sounds" And it's a super large almost symetrical map that reminds him of super long CTF battles in Halo 1. I made that TT snow hog from 3 different hog prototypes from Halo 2.

The new maps are coming out sometime in march or april.