Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy MLK Jr. Day!

Thanks to the good people at the company I work for, I have the day off. But no thanks goes to the bad people that run the school I attend as I have class tonight. But after tonight's class I plan on playing some COD4.

If anyone wants to try a new FPS besides Halo. Please feel free to join what looks to be SB and me for some COD4 fun.

Who's in?


adeclipse said...

Hey Daymonster, i'd love to play CoD4, but i haven't figured out if you can play with more than 1 person on a tv, and if you can't i don't have an xbox currently to play. I will be on Halo 3 tonight to play a little under the name mybigdumbface if anyone gets bored and wants to play. But, until i get my xbox back from microsoft i'm kind of at the will of what my friends want to play.

Unky Warthog said...

No COD4 for me. I'm busy finishing up my school work and packing up to study abroad in Malta for the spring semester. I hope to have an epic post about achieving my major status at some point.

locopuyo said...

COD4 r0x mah s0x, but I pwn too hard in it. I get first every time and I've only had the m4 unlocked for 1 game. The last game I had 24 kills and only 1 death. It ended with me picking up a sniper rifle and giving some poor nub a third eye from half a mile away.