Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday's Untitled Post

So as many of you know, there is a new round of interviews that just started. This is very exciting for me because it usually means its a long post that I don't have to write. I am working on some questions for Squatting Bear right now, so email me any questions you want to ask him.

As for the mix up with the Dammer pic below, let me explain. I said to SB, "what should I do for Dammers pic on the new interview?"

SB: "Put him with an ice pick."

TD: "Why?"

SB: "Because LocoPollo and I put fruit in his room to try to make it stink and he came after me with an ice pick."

TD: "Jesus, why the fuck did you have an ice pick?"

SB: "To scrape up the fruit."

I though this response was somewhat weird, I mean you could use an ice pick to get the stuff out of the cracks I guess, but it didn't answer the question of why did you had an ice pick in your dorm to begin with. But I decided not to continue this conversation anymore and just make the picture.

And when Dammer was confused, I was really confused and decided to let them just sort it out. But now it makes perfect sense, and I no longer think Dammer is messed up and ACTUALLY wanted to kill SB. But he might have.

Last Night:
Last night might have been some of the best video gaming I have had since college. First SB and I played some good COD4 and have since pretty much fallen in love with it. Then SB had to go to a movie with Rose Bear, so I changed discs to Halo 3 with Tilla, Adeclipse, and two of Adeclipses friends (Dajuicee and MyBigDumbFace). We played 12 games and in those 12 games we had a record of 11 wins and 1 loss.

It was a fun time and here are a couple of memorable games.

Team BRs on Valhalla.
This game was memorable because I decided to not shoot at anyone the entire game. I had zero kills and 16 assists, 15 of them were wheelman. The other assist I think I bumped into an enemy while trying to splatter him. We won pretty easily and I only got lasered 4 or 5 times.

Team BRs on The Pit.
During this game I was on the phone and trying to have a conversation without getting owned too badly. My best tool of destruction was my grenades on this mad as I tried to hang back and huck them at people while my head was titled 90 degrees holding on to the phone. But the real story here is Adeclipse. He had 14 kills 7 assists and 0 deaths. We won pretty handily 50-22.

Team BRs on Last Resort.
This is just another ass kicking that Adeclipse had. This time he had only 1 death. I also did alright. But I think if we had the formula done, he would have a better rating.


Dammer said...

Yeah when I played with Adeclipse last weekend he had multiple zero death games. Your K/D ratio has to be pretty good man.

DJmaestro said...

To clear things up about the ice pick, Dammer got really pissed about the rotten fruit that was left in his room (not to mention the shit in a box taped to the bottom of a chair)so he thought about attacking SB with this ice pick. However instead he just dumped an entire beer on SB's floor and then proceeded to attacked himself with the ice pick as proof that if he attacked it wouldn't have really hurt SB. This resulted in a monstrous bruise. And now you know.

PS. There was lots of booze involved.

Daymonster said...

Man that sounds like fun.

adeclipse said...

I have to admit I was still a little confused with the whole ice pick thing, until y'all stated that booze was involved. After that was known it all makes sense.

We need to play some more CoD4. I am so horrible at that game that i need some good practice. I keep trying to hit someone with the b button, and things like that, it's also bad when you accidentally throw a grenade into your own team on accident.

As far as halo goes, my k/d ratio is not all that good right now. I think it was a 1.27 ranked and like 1.4 social last i checked. Also, has anyone noticed how it's hard to tell how good a person is by their rankings now? I was playing doubles with Dajuicee and some other people the other day, and we kept getting paired against colonels and commanders that were absolutely horrible.

Anyways, when are we playing again? Besides working on an album for a girl i'm pretty much free this weekend starting tonight at 7ish.

Daymonster said...

haha, yeah. I will be online playing COD4 until Lost comes on.

Adeclipse please explain: "Besides working on an album for a girl."

I'd also like to see a full post out of adeclipse on of these days.

Dammer said...

Yeah true a full post would be sweet. I'm going to give in and buy COD4 I suppose. Dana leaves for Florida this afternoon, so I plan to play a lot the next couple nights. I might be going to Mankato Saturday night to party with my cousin, but I'm trying to find a way to get out of it so we'll see.

1.27 is still above my ranked K/D. I'm only 1.2 I think.

adeclipse said...

I don't do full posts. There is definitely not enough in my head to write for that long. As far as the album goes, i'm helping to produce an album for a girl that goes to school with me. I can use it to turn in for some of my class projects, and there is potential of possibly getting some cash out of it, so it seems like a win win to me. I'm not sure yet, but i might have to lay down the drum track for her too. I'd rather not have to, but if we can't find anyone else who can do it, then i'll just have to give in and do it.

CoD4 is the devil, or maybe I am just freaking horrible at it. Anyways, i'll check you guys later.