Thursday, January 24, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Thursday

Thoughts of the Day...

- I really want to work at Bungie. They have a day when they get to do all the things I love. Play Wii Bowling, Play Rock Band (in costume), and Play Halo. And it's all a competition. Lucky Bastards.

- Red Sox announced that they will be wearing advertisements on their uniforms for the first time ever when they play the Oakland A's in Japan. Why don't more leagues go the way of the Soccer and Arena leagues and allow ads on their uniforms. Tradition Schmadition. The increase in revenue would be huge as people would buy up new jerseys every time the sponsor changed. Also, this way you can get exposure not only during the game but also during highlights in the evening news cast. Seattle could be sponsored by Starbucks, Oakland A's could be sponsored by AAA, Tampa Bay could be sponsored by The Crocodile Hunter... oooh, too soon?

- I think I will finally lose weight once this comes out. Although this is a little too far.

- I really hate when people drive in the left lane when they are not passing. It really pisses me off. There is nothing worse than when you get stuck behind two people driving side-by-side going 5 mph under the speed limit. Or, sometimes worse when you see someone in the left lane going 5 mph over the speed limit and they think that means they have the right to be in the left lane. Move over Jeff Gordon!

- Speaking of people being on the wrong side of things I hate when people on the bus or train don't move all the way in on the seat. I'm standing on the fucking train and you are pretending to sleep on the outside of the seat. No way. I am waking your ass up and you are either letting me in or you are sliding next to the window like a normal person.

- I guess it was just a matter of time.

- Youtube used to be awesome, but now it sucks. Remember when every video used to be something cool on the most watched page? It would be clips from the daily show or people doing really stupid things? Now it's random Eastern European soap operas, Chinese game shows, and 3 second clips of Britney Spears leaving Starbucks. Most of you probably know this but if you want to see cool/funny clips is better. But even that is getting crappier every day.

- Speaking of funny videos I recommend you check out first Tom Cruise's interview about Scientology. And then watch Jerry O'Connell's parody of Tom's video. Both are funny in their own way. Jerry O'Connell is in the show called Carpoolers, I am ashamed to admit it but I think it's a pretty good show. Check it out.

- Funniest license plate I have ever seen.

- Unky Warthog, where is this promised post about making General? We need some other contributions if you don't want to read my random thoughts day after day.


adeclipse said...

I would have to agree about the left lane thing. It used to piss me off like crazy when you had to pass someone in the right lane beacuse they were just hanging out in the left one. Then Texas decided to lay the smack down on people like that, and now you can get a ticket if you don't get right back over after passing someone in the left lane. My wife has actaully been issued 2 tickets because of that.

As for the Wii fit, i think it's a great idea, but i'm not sure about that Wii meditation thing. That's a little bit overboard.

Oh also, I MISS MY XBOX!!! Freaking Microsoft.

Daymonster said...

Yeah they have that law in Illinois, but it doesn't help.

Dammer said...

Stupid drivers are stupid. I also don't like people that fluctuate speeds wildly. I realize not everyone has cruise control (like me and my truck), but you should be able to at least pick a speed and stay within five miles per hour of it at all times (not counting going up hills when my truck refuses to increase velocity regardless of how much pressure I apply to the gas pedal).

Speaking of getting in shape, I joined the fitness center at work and had my orientation today. This evening I will be pumpin' irons and stuff. No more Fatty McDammer no siree!

Josey WaIes said...

This Wii stuff is gettng out of hand. I commend them for taking money from nonvideo game type people, because lets face they are getting a lot of new people to buy thier stuff. But this is not the direction we want video games to be going. By that I do not mean interactive, because I think I speek for all of us when I say, I can wait for the day I pick up a gun and actual run around in a vitural battle. But Wii games just suck, they have bad graphics (the system itself does) and I worry that all this hype around Wii and its lame games is going to take away from the production of the next generation of gaming. Because lets face it Wii was a step back not foward, disagree, turn it on and look at the image of the game, you do not even have to play, just look.

In the end, we need to get stock in nintendo because they are going to make a lot of money off these crapy games.

Also in another sad note, the compay that once brought us Contra is now selling a game where you sit on a board and meditate, wtf!

Daymonster said...

Konami is making the WiiFit? I don't think so Josey.

P.S. Contra 4 came out a few months ago for the Nintendo DS. It's sweet.

DJmaestro said...

Sorry Josie but I disagree with your comment. The graphics may not be spectacular(obv), but the Wii in total was a step forward. If you want to be able to pick up a gun and start shooting people in a virtual battle, then it will be because Nintendo and its Wii pioneered this new type of gaming that can then evolve and eventually turn into your beloved virtual battles. Yes there are a lot of lame games out there for the Wii, but I recently purchased Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games and it's decently fun and tiring as hell. Not to mention I've never played this game, but they have released Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. Both games can use a gun attachment where you are holding a gun like device in your hands and shooting stuff. So yes Nintendo didn't make the Wii as good as they could have, but a step back is something I definately wouldn't say about it.

Daymonster said...

And certainly it is increasing credibility for games. Sony/Microsoft won't go the way of the Wii for many reasons. But for one they can't compete and make fun simple games like Nintendo can and has been doing for years.

The wii will not hurt your chances for running in a virtual Halo world.

Has anyone been reading/watching the Mass Effect Fox News Amazon hilarity thats going on?

Dammer said...

No but I might buy that game soon and I will investigate when I have time at home. I also agree with DJMaestro about the Wii being a step forward. Am I pissed that there isn't a Hi-Def ultra powerful version of the Wii for people that have the funds and the desire to purchase? Yes....a lot. Am I tired of hearing people at work talk about how much fun they had on their weekend getaway with their friends leaving the kids at home and taking their children's Wii with them....discussing the Wii like it hasn't been around for over a year....yes to that too a lot. But all in all the only way to move in the virtual teabag direction is to start, and I would say the Wii definately did that.

locopuyo said...

did you ever finish ur program dammer?

Squatting Bear said...

agree with josey wholeheartedly. wii blows. hard.

Daymonster said...

SB you're so foolish.

locopuyo said...

yo i'm gonna be in blooming prairie this weekend if you dammers wanna hang out or something.

locopuyo said...

Wii wouldn't be so lame if it did 1:1 motion sensing.

Dammer said...

Yeah Puyo just give me a call Saturday, I'm thinking Jake and I are going to play some games on XBL. I might buy COD4. My parents are going to come up during the day on Saturday but after that you're free to come over.

The program is basically done, but we haven't put time in on it since last weekend. We have to finish up the reading and saving of the XML.