Thursday, January 31, 2008

The greatest invention since video games.

- Domino's now has a tracking feature for their pizzas. It's accurate to every 30/40 seconds.

- First Call of Duty 4 beat Halo on Xbox Live, now COD4 is beating Halo where it really hurts, the cash register. COD4 is now the best selling game of 2007, beating out Halo 3 (which had the hype) and Bioshock and Super Mario Galaxy (which got all the accolades). Read the BBC blog, which does a great job explaining it.

- Check out this Call of Duty 4 video about the perks. It's pretty sweet.

- Want to know how terrible I am at Halo 3? Check out my stats page. Melee, AR, Shotty, Rockets and Grenades all beat the BR for kills. I am the definition of a Noob.

- Lost is on tonight. If you didn't get a chance last night check out last season's "enhanced" finale so you know what's going on tonight.

- Not sure what this is.

- Check out this picture tribute to #57 who is no longer with us.

Anyway that's all I got for today.

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