Thursday, January 17, 2008

Top Ten Video Game Weapons of All-Time

A while back came up with a list of the ten best video game weapons of all time. For those of you who can't watch the video here is the list in reverse order.

10. Cerebral Bore - Turok Series
9. Chain Saw - Doom Series
8. Spread Gun - Contra Series
7. Rail Gun - Quake 2
6. Lap Top Gun - Perfect Dark Zero
5. Energy Sword - Halo Series
4. Ice Beam - Metroid
3. BFG - Doom Series
2. Red Turtle Shell - Mario Kart Series
1. Gravity Gun - Half Life 2

I like this list but it seems this is more of a list of interesting weapons from video games, not necessarily the "best" weapons. For me I would but the Halo 1 pistol as the best weapon from any video game, but hey, that's just me.


Dammer said...

This is definately a list of "interesting weapons" instead of best weapons. It's all game specific too. The red turtle shell is only on there because you own with it when you get it in MarioKart. If you put that shell in any other game you'd be like, well what the frick do I do with this? If you're going to do a "best weapon" it has to be a weapon that is versatile, and can get you a kll regardless of the situation. Hence the Halo 1 pistol's close and distant combat uses, its melee strength, and its clip size. You can win with that against all the other weapons in the game.

I would also like to put the baseball bat from Super Smash Bros on this list. Whether you hit someone with it or throw it at them the bat can knock you off the arena even when you have full health. It also has a long life span before breaking.

The welrod from the Medal of Honor games could go on there as well. It's a wooden sniper pistol that kills you in one shot regardless of what part of the body it hits (death by broken toe). The only flaw is that it has no clip/magazine and needs to be reloaded after every shot. When you're up close though as long you can aim you win, and from a distance you should have enough time to get in a second shot.

Daymonster said...

Haha... a video of master chief hucking a red turtle shell would be sweet.

Of for that matter, toadstool with a pistol 3 shotting wario on their go-karts.

Dammer said...

I would be so much more afraid of Toad with a pistol than I would if someone like Donkey Kong had the pistol. Toad seems to me to be one of those little people that gets angry quickly. Plus I'm sure he's got a gang of 50 other Toadstools in the same situation as him. 3 shot headshot by 50 people at the same time will not win you many battles...your only hope is to have rockets and a slowly charging Halo 1 overshield.