Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's good to be back... for a while.

Good Afternoon KofC,

It's been quite a while since I have been back checking the blog and/or playing halo on a semi daily basis. I was glad to see that Tilla and Loco had posted some information. Granted I am not exactly sure what Loco's was about.

KofC Picture of the day: I saw a Michael Jackson impersonator in Mexico... He was good. But not as good as the Mexican dude that drank an entire bottle of tequila right in front of me (not pictured).

There is someone out there that claims they are the greatest Warthog Driver of all time. That man is LouieBlack. Here are his stats, and he has over 11,500 wheelman assists. Warthog Challenge match in the making? Unky, befriend him.

Bungie just posted some information about the new DLC, which won't be around for a while so the teasers are very generic. Apparently one of the maps is arena style and the other is a remake of someone favorite Halo map (for the love of God be Damnation). He said it was a big map so that could rule Damnation out, except taht it was probably the third largest, wasn't it?

The Bungie post also addresses all the changes Team Hardcore made with the maps. Some of them are interesting, others are not but it seems the biggest change is on Snowbound.

Here is what they did on Snowbound

  • Maulers
    • Removed central one near underground area
    • Two Side Maulers: Respawn rate 90 seconds
  • Moved Beam Rifle into Shotgun spawn area
  • Shotgun: Removed
  • Replaced Active Camo with Overshield
    • Respawn time: 180 sec
  • Replaced battle rifles with carbines (2 on the low base, one above the high base)
    • Respawn rate: 30 seconds
  • Removed Spartan Laser
No shotgun or cloak eh? Looks like I'm never getting a kill again. But good news is no more Laser, so SB will be going on Ghost sprees all day.

Anyways, it's good to be back in the USofA. That is until the first annual KofC New Year Bahamas Celebration get together trip in a couple days.

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Dammer said...

I think I'm going to like the new weapon placements. I've never agreed with the Sniper going to one team and the laser to the other, they don't compare at all. The removal of the shotgun is alright, but I don't think it was needed. People have the common misconception that they're screwed when the other team has the shotgun. If you can be semi patient it shouldn't be a problem to just sit outside and never go down to where the shotgun will kill you. You should never go down inside anyway.