Wednesday, March 19, 2008

KofC 2008 Bracket Challenge

Hey there, please read the post below this as I spent a lot of time writing it. But since the tournament starts tomorrow (Thursday) I figured I needed to get this out quickly. Welcome to the first annual Knights of Cydonia 2008 NCAA Bracket Challenge. [Cue introduction music and spot lights]

So I made this excel spreadsheet with drop down menus so you can pick your teams pretty easily. I didn't go with Yahoo or CBS sportsline because not everyone has a user name at those places and I want to be able to get these things back ASAP.

If you want to do it here is what you need to do:
1. Download the bracket here.
2. Fill it out by clicking on the area where the two team names populate.
3. Save the bracket with the your name in the name of the excel spread sheet (ex: the_daymonster_bracket.xls)
4. Email it to
5. I will compile the brackets, turn them into PDFs and post them so everyone can see everyones picks.
6. I will keep the blog updated with the current standings and scores.
7. We can agree on what we should play for when I come this weekend.

The scoring is pretty straight forward and is located on the excel spread sheet bracket in more detail. As it gets deeper into the rounds, the worth of that round double. For example: 1st round, 1pt. 2nd round, 2 pts. 3rd round 4 pts... etc. Upsets are given a bonus of the seed difference multiplied by the round's worth. In the first round if a 15 seed beats a 2 seed they get 13 points, as opposed to just 1 point if you pick the two seed to win. These upset bonuses only count in the first two rounds.

Please, please fill it out, so I have something to do.


adeclipse said...

All anyone needs to know is that Baylor is going to win the entire tournament. It's already a fact. We're just that good.

Daymonster said...

wait the same baylor that almost didn't make the tourney?

Tilla said...

Who is this Baylor you speak of? Isn't that the title given to the man who made the mistake of bailing some hay instead of following his friend's actual advice of "nail'er," given to him regarding a certain attractive female whom he has longed for since his young adulthood?

Dammer said...

Lol. If only Iowa was in the tourny, then I would know who to take to the championship :(

adeclipse said...

You guys just have no idea. Baylor would have been one of the top basketball schools the past few years if we wouldn't have had all that crap happen with the murder. Our team is a roller coaster team right now. We go back and forth between being on fire and just plain sucking. Luckily our womens team is lights out having made it to the final four like 3 of the past 5 years or so, and winning back in like 2004 or 05. Anyways, don't count baylor out of the tournament.

Daymonster said...

I have them going a lot farther than I'd like to admit.

Daymonster said...

And I knew I shouldn't have went with Baylor. Already out.

locopuyo said...

I have 14 points so far. Are you going to post updates on the scores?

Daymonster said...

yeah, I will, turns out people actually work on good friday.

adeclipse said...

Ok, now i know it looks bad, but i'm pretty sure that Purdue was cheating. I'm not sure how, but i'll figure it out. At some points i'm pretty sure that the scoreboard guys were just adding random points. Also, obviously the refs were paid off by Purdue. Anyways, GO BAYLOR WOMEN'S BASKETBALL now.