Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The State of The Knights of Cydonia Website

EDIT: This post was written before we were yelled at by the Knights of Columbus(tm). They wanted us to change our name, so obviously this won't make as much sense now that we are the Knights of Cydonia.

As I hope some of you have noticed, there is a counter on the right hand side where you can also subscribe to the blog. The counter has reached 12,761. It feels just like yesterday that the counter had reached a mere 1337.

I thought I would just update you guys on the state of the blog. Although the counter has reached over 12.5k visitors we only have had 6,346 unique visitors since started the blog in October of 2007.

Last month we had over 2,923 unique visitors and since we average about 50 unique visitors a day (30 returning, and 20 first timers), last month we saw a pretty substantial jump in visitorship.

Here is a world map of where some of the visitors. We seem to have a pretty big following in Europe and apparently someone floating on a raft in the Atlantic ocean directly on the equator.

Here is a map of the continental United States. Pay attention to the dots in Colorado and New Jersey, we seem to get a lot or returning visitors from there and they don't have any referring link (like a Google search or anything) that means they are typing in the address or have it bookmarked. Do we know these people? Why have they not put in for membership? I am sick of Adeclipse being the new guy. He bores me now.

How do these people find the Knights of Columbus? Most of them come from random Google searches and blog searches. Some find us through Google image searches and others, I honestly have no idea.

The one Bier Haus guy, most likely found us through some sort of internet search that gets sent to his email. That's all I could find out, that and he is from California and the email address was the same as the website he posted.

The number one search term that finds it's way to us on Google is "Unky Eternal" Don't get too excited Dave, it's only happed 4 times. The second most popular search is "Knights of Columbus Secret" which has happened 3 times in the last 500 searches.

Here are some other good ones:
Someone from Michigan was searching for "Gohtza Contingency Plan"
A person from Dublin Ireland was looking for the "Best Restaurant in Malta", Unky find this man.
Someone with moral ambiguity in Ontario, CA was searching for "Pinewood Derby Cheating Tips", I feel we have a moral obligation to go to the next Pinewood Derby competition in Ontario, CA and bring this scandal to light.
Someone searched on CNN.com for "Knights of Columbus Drunk"
A few people have been looking for a "Knights of Columbus Rock Band"

The best part about these are not just the searches that they are doing, but that our site looks relevant enough for them to click on it. Some of them make sense but why would anyone click on our blog looking for a Gohtza Contingency Plan?

We get a lot of hits from things like "COD4 patch", "COD4 maps", "COD4 Stat Finder." We also get a lot of Google image searches for Atlantis and watersides. Which makes sense because when I wrote those posts I had a hard time finding good pics on Google.

But my all time favorite for searches has to be some guy from the Ukraine looking for "Squatting COD4 Bear", now I am not sure what the was looking for exactly, but Squatting Bear do you remember some Ukrainian guy while playing that may or may not have become obsessed with you?

Keep an eye out SB, always watch your back.


Pete said...

haha good stuff daymonster.

Unky Eternal said...

I googled unky eternal to see what would happen. KoFC came up right away, so i showed playboy for a second search. 2/4 of the unky eternal searches were made by unky himself.

Unky Eternal said...

lol. pinewood derby cheating tips...what a freak.

Pablito Neal said...

when i google gohtza contingency plan all i see is this new blog entry.

that's awesome that we get 50 unique visitors per day, there's only like 10 of us who post and comment so we actually have an audience. strange to think about.

Pablito Neal said...

i just googled my name as well and the blog came up first. nice.

second was this, thanks daymont

Dammer said...

I prefer to not think of it as an audience, but more of a following. Hopefully we're inspiring people to want to be KofC members. I like to think that anyone with a sense of humor could come on the blog and find nuggets of funniness or inspiration.

On a related note I'm thinking we need another Get to Know Em. My vote? Josey Wales come on down, you get to make up for your high on profile thin on content first interview.

locopuyo said...

You also have to take into account most of us go to this site from multiple locations.