Monday, March 17, 2008

New Clan Name & Image

EDIT: This post has to do with the our clan when we were the Knights of Columbus. We have since changed our name to the Knights of Cydonia.

So I think what are our good friend, Joseph A. Niglio is doing is ignoring us and our reply, so he can do some sort of bullshit lawyer stuff after 7 days. The good thing is we got 3 more days, before he makes up some ridiculous amount of money he is charging in lawyer fee's and sends us the bill. While I feel we really should call his bluff, the idea of possibly having a new title image and name is getting more appealing to me with every thought.

Last night I made a couple of title images for the blog. At first I was thinking about coming up with a bunch of names and making a image for each. The first name I came up with Operation Stein Grab and here is the title image. I like the idea of having it something like but I think we should try to stay closer to our original roots, and our love for things 'Knights.'

I think a lot have people have really liked the name Knights of Cydonia, I like it too, especially after watching the music video. I threw together this three title images (listed below) two of them won't really make since unless you have seen the music video.

Title Image (Just title)

Title Image (Master Chief)
Title Image (Hawk)

Obviously none of this is set in stone. Not the name nor the title images, but I figured it would a somewhat fun Monday morning post for discussion.

On another note, Bungie said they would be releasing more details on the legendary map pack Tuesday. In addition Team Hardcore is being switched to full MLG settings. I haven't played MLG setting very often but once I get my Xbox back (never) I would like to give them a try.

A couple of things Daymonster wants the KofC (Columbus now, possible Cydonia in the future) to know:
I will be in Minnesota this weekend, and my family wants to know what my plans are. I would like to see some of you guys this weekend, but I know with the holiday festivities that some of you partake in that might be difficult. Can anybody do anything Friday night or Saturday night? I am leaning towards Friday, but I won't get in from the airport unlike like 8:30pm or so.

Also, since I am moving to a new apartment and keeping my ridiculously expensive internets, in theory (emphasis on theory) I should have faster tubes of internet at my new place. That mean we could play Halo without me clogging up the works. I won't know until April or whenever I get my Xbox back (whichever comes second).

Squatting Bear, I don't know when you get from Mexico, but when you do go to Target, two for one BluRay discs. BR for $15 is a pretty nifty deal.

I doubt I could actually get hired for this, but I feel like if I tried real hard (and bought a PSP, which I almost did yesterday) I could do alright.

That's about it, I want EVERYONE to comment on the name they want/image even if it's completely different than what I posted. Also let me know your Easter weekend plans and something the KofC members don't know about you. That's your homework for the day.


Pablito Neal said...

i like operation stein grab, plus when you use the bavarian flag it lets us keep our original blue and white colors. not that they mattered much though.

on the other hand, i like muse and that song and the name. the banners you made are good as well so i like either option.

Pete said...

operation stein grab would be good. knights of cydonia is fine with me too.

daymont i'm free friday and saturday to do whatever, though i might already be in nfld.

Pablito Neal said...

marlene's here so i'm semi-free. we can go out to a bar but i can't sit around and play vids. early sunday we're going to iowa, so we can't be out too late saturday though.

locopuyo said...

I like cydonia and the master chief banner the best. But I think the banner needs to be a lot crazier than that.

Unky Playboy said...

i agree with puyo

Dammer said...

I like the Cydonia/Master Chief combo as well. It could use some more eye candy, but I don't really care either way. I would still like to see Knights of Copyright Infringement myself....but Cydonia is not too far behind.

I will be at Dana's mom's in Sauk Center Friday night, then Saturday night/Sunday morning we'll be going back to Ioway. I may be able to do something Saturday night, I'll keep you posted.

Also, my flex day (don't have to work) is today and I think I'm going to start drinking. You should all take the rest of the day off and join in.

Dammer said...

Oh yeah, happy St. Patty's!

Daymonster said...

Looks like the Knights of Cydonia have it. I'll start updating the site tomorrow.

locopuyo said...

What program are you using to make the banner? I started on one but then gave up. I got some pictures cut out from various games and stuff you might want to use in a Photoshop CS3 file if you want them.

Pablito Neal said...

the new banner is hott

adeclipse said...

Yeah, i like the new banner. Stupid Knights of Colombus for being such dicks. I kind of want to go to their site and see if i can submit crap about them or post crap about what asses they are.

Unky Eternal said...

i will also be back in MN friday/sat. I will give you guys a call.