Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Video Game Tattoos and New Halo Map

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There is a kind of a lot of news today so try to stay with me.

Video Game Tattoo:
Yesterday's post about the guy with the Halo Legendary tattoo got me thinking. What if he had received a tattoo with the images of his other favorite games. Would they be as cool if it were some other video game character instead of the Elite head and crossed swords?

While this tattoo isn't as cool as these ones, I did get a chance to talk to the man that got legendary tat and he agreed to answer some of my questions. He told me that he first considered getting a couple different games tattooed on his back and sometimes regrets his final decision. He was always a big fan of Pong so he considered the iconic Pong paddle and square ball.

He decided that a large vertical black line might not be recognizable as a video game character and could show through his white shirts. Thus making it look like he was always wearing a jersey numbered, 1.

He also considered his favorite game of all time. It's a rather new game but the programming is top notch, he has been playing it pretty much non-stop since the midnight release party.

That's right, he is a HUGE Dr. Daisy Pet Vet fan.

New Halo Map: Avalanche
They released the details and images of the second new map in the Legendary Map Pack. It will be released on April 15th (tax day! yay!) for 800 MS points. This is the same prices as the Heroic pack but let's hope it's better.

Like I predicted the second map, which was named Cottonball is now named Avalanche and is a remake of Sidewinder. They say it's more of a tribute to Sidewinder and not so much a remake and I think it's neither. It has a similar curved shape but that seems to be where the greatness that comes from the Halo 1 map ends. They have gotten rid of the tunnel system that connected the two bases, and there are no portals nor ladders.

According to Bungie they want to focus the fighting out into the open with vehicles. I never really used vehicles in Sidewinder, well, except for using the turret in the hog to slip through the gate where the overshield and cloak was. I really don't want to be forced to do anything in a map, that seems to take a way the creativity that Halo 1 was known for.

Anyway check out Bungie's write up of the new map and let me know what you guys think. I think Josey knows what I am talking about when I say I am not getting my hopes up.

Guitar Hero: On Tour for the DS was revealed today. Check out the link. There is a peripheral for the DS, I don't think you will be disappointed.

Dammer gets 50 bucks:
Dammer you did buy the HDDVD player for the Xbox didn't you? Did you get it at Best Buy or Circuit City? Well if you did, and if any other Knight did, you can get a $50 dollar giftcard from the retail stores if you can prove you bought it before the Microsoft called the format "dead".

COD4 Update for PS3 (No one cares? Oh okay.)
The COD4 update just came out for the PS3 version of the game, so I can finally see the improvements you guys have been playing with for a while.


adeclipse said...

So the pong tattoo is awesome. It would actually be funny if someone really had that tattoo.

Daymonster said...

Another update: New maps for COD4 coming out April 3rd. Will update more tomorrow.