Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day*+ 2008

* -In the United States
+ -For those not opening new stadiums

It's opening day for Major League Baseball and a lot has changed since last year, particularly in Twinville. Santana and Hunter have signed with the big-market clubs (NY Mets and LA Angels), Nick Punto and Jason Bartlett have reached puberty, and Joe Mauer finally realized he really needed to take some 'roids.

Elsewhere, the Braves brought back Tom Glavine in an attempt at one last shot before their starting pitching staff starts to receive Social Security benefits, and the Cubs may soon become the first team to go 100 years without a World Series victory.

The Tigers are stacked on offense, the Cardinals are suddenly in the running for the worst in the NL, and the AL East remains a heavy favorite (over other divisions) to produce the eventual world champion.

So Knights of Cydonia, what are your picks for the 2008 season? Division winners, Wild Cards, MVPs, and Cy Youngs only please. No one actually knows the rookies enough to make an informed guess about their seasons.

If you're craving some baseball talk, Rob Neyer, on has an all-day chat that will last 11 hours, eclipsing Bill Simmons' current record of 7-some. He's a pretty smart and funny guy, I recommend it.

AL Central-Tigers
AL East-Red Sox
AL West-Angels
AL WC-Yankees
AL Champion-Tigers

AL MVP-Alex Rodriguez
AL Cy Young-Justin Verlander

NL Central-Cubs
NL East-Braves (biased)
NL West-Diamondbacks
NL WC-Mets
NL Champion-Diamondbacks

NL MVP-Mark Teixeira
NL Cy Young-Johan Santana

World Series Champion-Tigers

If there is interest, we could make some sort of wager/competition on this. Thoughts?


Daymonster said...

AL Central-Tigers
AL East-Red Sox
AL West-Angels
AL WC-Twins (very biased)
AL Champion-Red Sox

AL MVP- Miguel Cabrera
AL Cy Young- Scott Baker

NL Central-Cubs
NL East-Mets
NL West- Padres
NL WC- Dbacks
NL Champion-Cubs

NL MVP-Soriano
NL Cy Young-Johan Santana

World Series Champion-Cubs

Pete said...

ALC- Tigers
ALE- Red Sox
ALW- Angels
AL WC- Yankees
AL Champion- Tigers

MVP- A-rod
AL Cy Young- Erik Bedard

NL Central- Cubs
NL East- Mets
NL West- Rockies
NL WC- Phillies
NL Champion- Mets

NL MVP- David Wright
NL Cy Young- Jake Peavy

World Series Champ- Mets

Pete said...

yep, made an offer. a full post will come when the deal becomes complete, probably within the next few days.

Dammer said...

AL Central - Detroit
AL East - Yankees (oh the pain)
AL West - Seattle
AL WC - Red Sox
AL Champion - Detroit

AL MVP - Magglio Ordonez
AL Cy Young - Francisco Liriano (gotta take a risk at some point right?)

NL Central - Cubbies
NL East - Mets
NL West - Diamondbacks
NL WC - Rockies
NL Champion - Cubbies

NL MVP - Alfonso Soriano
NL Cy Young - Johan Santana

World Series Champion - Detroit (MAY THE CUBS' STRUGGLES CONTINUE!!!)

locopuyo said...

When is the next update for the NCAA brackets?

adeclipse said...

Pff i just need to say one team.


Daymonster said...

Adeclipse... come to chicago this weekend. 'stros vs cubs.

Tim, I wanna change my predictions
Twins 162-0
Cy Young, Hernandez
MVP, Delmon Young
ROY, Gomez

Dammer said...

Yeah I agree with Daymonster, I just can't see the Twins losing ONCE this year, let alone more than once.

Pablito Neal said...

gomez was really funny when he was interviewed after the game last night. he was super excited to have played so well but knows barely any english. i think the twins will lose less than 10 games

Dammer said...

For those interested here is the wager I am having with Northfield's own Erica Bolan on the outcome of the season (this is quoted directly from an email):

"You Braves fans are so silly. Friendly wager? If we're still around and capable of remembering this email by the end of the season, here is my suggestion:

Division champs:
Both of us have the prediction wrong - 1 drink each
One has the prediction wrong, the other correct - 1 drink for the wrong predictor
Both of us have the prediction right (which I don't think is possible actually) - 2 drinks each to celebrate our amazing foresight

If you correctly predict the pair of divisional rivals that make up the playoff spot and the wildcard (ala Red Sox - Yankees) the other person has to take a "wildcard" drink (the ol' "surprise me bartender" line), regardless of whether the other person did so as well.

Cy Young and MVP awards:
1 drink per correct answer for the other person
If neither person predicts any of the Cy Young or MVP award winners, we each take 4 drinks (per the number of winners) and hang our heads in shame

League Championships:
Correctly guess - 2 drinks for the other person

World Series:
Correctly guess - 3 drinks for the other person

For every Twin or ex-Twin that wins the Cy Young or MVP we each do a "shame on you" drink for not predicting it based on our loyalties."

Any takers?

Pablito Neal said...

agree, i know very little about baseball but here are my predictions after 10 min research

AL Central - Tigers
AL East - Red Sox
AL West - Angels
AL WC - Yankees
AL Champion - Red Sox

AL MVP - Miguel Cabrera
AL Cy Young - Justin Verlander

NL Central - Brewers
NL East - Mets
NL West - Dodgers
NL WC - Phillies
NL Champion - Mets

NL MVP - Chase Utley
NL Cy Young - Johan Santana

World Series Champion - Red Sox