Friday, March 21, 2008

KofC Bracket Challenge Update 1

Alright, note to self: Let CBS Sportsline, ESPN, or Yahoo do the bracket next time. Even with a mere 5 entrants It is quite a bit of work. I have tallied the scores from last nights game and here are the standings.

Dammer: 16pts
Didn't have any pick that he got wrong advancing into the sweet 16. Dammer has UNC, Texas (2), UCLA and Georgetown (2) in his Final Four. Predicted Winner: UCLA
Dammer's Bracket

Daymonster: 16pts
Is in the worst shape of everyone as two teams he picked (Baylor and Kentucky), he had picked all the way to the Elite 8. Daymonster has UNC, Memphis, UCLA and Wisconsin (3) in the Final Four. Predicted Winner: UCLA
Daymonster's Bracket

Pablito: 15pts
Only picked one upset (and 8/9 seed game) and only got one game wrong (USC vs. Kansas St.) Pablito (along with Puyo) have all number 1 seeds in the Final Four. Predicted Winner: Kansas
Pablito's Bracket

Locopuyo: 14pts
Similar to Pablito, Puyo only picked one upset (an 8/9 game) and only got two games wrong. The 8/9 game (UNLV vs Kent State) and the USC/Kansas St. game. Also similar to Pablito, he picked all number one seeds to go to the Final Four. Predicted Winner: Kansas
Puyo's Bracket

Tilla: 11 pts
Tilla had a fairly rough first day with 5 incorrect picks, and 3 of those advancing to the sweet 16. Tilla has UNC, Texas (2), UCLA and Kansas in the Final Four. Predicted Winner: UNC
Tilla's Bracket

If you still have a bracket from like CBS sportsline or Facebook, send it to me and I'll enter it into our little cometition. As long as it was before the start of the games. I'll update the brackets with the scoring after each round.

I really hope my flight doesn't get delayed, or worse. See some of you tonight.


locopuyo said...

w00t Siena won. NOM NOM NOM

Tilla said...

Wow, I suck...At least UNC will bring me many points after they go all the way...all the way...all the way!!!

locopuyo said...

Dammer, next time you take communion you should take a DNA sample so we can clone Jesus and make our own zombie army.