Saturday, March 1, 2008

Think, Think, Think.

Well its Saturday, I am on spring break so I don’t have to do shit today. Since Daymonster is going to be gone next week and is looking to the rest of us to keep the posts alive, I will start. I realize this post will not get much attention until Monday, but that’s fine.

So SB and I were at the local bar this past Thursday and at one point in the night the question came up, “would you rather own a bar, liquor store, or a brewery.” I will not share the result of that conversation but it does raise a great topic for discussion. I make a lot of polls and this is an off shoot of that. K of C members I ask you which you would rather own, a bar, liquor store, or brewery, and WHY?

To keep this simple and for better answers, assume that you will make the same amount of money at each, thus “brewery because it would make me rich” is not an acceptable answer. I think everyone is interested to find out who wants to own what and the nonmonetary reasons that drive each member’s desire. I realize this is a hard question, maybe one of the hardest you will ever have to answer, (because all is also not an acceptable answer) but good luck to all. I hope this provides everyone with something great to dream about during work/school.


locopuyo said...

I would probably go with brewery because it would be the least hassle in dealing with people. You wouldn't have to worry about underage drinkers and the issues they bring and you wouldn't have to worry about fights and stuff at a bar. You could just peacefully brew your beer. I also think owning a brewery would bring you a lot more respect than a bar or liquor store.

Unky Eternal said...

I agree with puyo. Owning a brewery would be awesome. No fights, no minors, and all the beautiful beer you can drink. We could even name it the GOD DAMN BREWERY!! or just GDB.
Also, if you think about which of the three brings the most happiness to people, the brewery once again wins. A bar makes a small group of people happy, a liquor store maybe a little bit more, but a brewery could make potentially thousands of people drunk everyday.

However...Gustaf and I were discussing this, and he thinks that the best way to start a brewery is to open a bar with a microbrewery attached to it (Similar to the schnitzengiggle). So the question is, would it be reasonable to open just a brewery?
I think that running just a brewery would be ideal, but it might not be the best way to start.

Unky Playboy said...
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Unky Playboy said...

Brewery definitely. I agree with the prior premises of no fights, minors, assholes, etc. It would also be incredible to be able to brew exactly what your personal preference is. For me, there is nothing better than a stout or dark lager to relax with. Being a brewmaster would allow me to toy with different tastes so I can create one that I love. Respect would definitely be higher in this case than the other options.

In response to Dave's point, I think that a microbrewery attached to something would be important for initiating the venture, however I would not my attach my microbrewery to a simple bar. A nice, high-class restaurant would be better for raising income and gaining prestige as a brewmaster among beerlovers.

Unky Playboy said...

After discussing with Dave, we decided that we should initiate a business venture in a bar. It will be called The Round Table and the bar will be circular, with the tender in the middle. Think about that...

Daymonster said...

I agree it goes Brewery, Bar then liquor store. Obviously the liquor store is dead last as you can't really hang out and drink with people at your liquor store.

Getting licenses for Bars and Liquor stroes are a huge hassel and underage/drunk people are a huge liability.

I disagree with the idea that a microbrewery needs to have an attached resturant. As you will obviously need to hone the brewing skills before you can start selling it/distributing it even if you have your own resturant.

But after a while I think it is a good way to increase profits as you don't have to go through a distributor and you can get a larger percentage of the profit.

But I think we can't look at it that way since we decided that you can't own all of them you have to decide which one individually you would like to have.

It would be sweet to be able to name your own beer, create a logo, decide on the taste, etc. and think of how sweet it would be to go up to a girl at a bar drinking your beer.

My brilliant idea that I have had for a long time? Open a microbrewery/resturant call like Jesse James brewery or something like that in the old train station and have like Joseph Lee Heywood Hefewiezen and Cole Younger Cream Stout.

Let's get some investors and start going.

Dammer said...

Well all the above reasons sum up why I would choose to own and operate a brewery. I thought I might have a new and interesting topic until I read Unky Playboy's comment about being able to brew to your own personal taste. Me personally? Red, red, and more red. I'll pay the price of a horrible taste in my mouth the day after for the superb taste the day before.

The other thing I would like to point out is that a brewery is one of our great nation's oldest and most respected establishments, which is why people love to go on brewery tours. I've been on the Anheuser Busch St. Louis tour, it was sweet. People don't wanna go on distillery tours for the samples at the end. After a long tour do you want a shot of whiskey or an ice cold beer?

I love the idea of the microbrewery though. You become a sort of a novelty, especially if you have a variety of beers to offer along with some delicious pizza or pasta. You can also then start stuff like Old Chicago's World Beer Tour and create incentive for people to come taste your wares.

The other idea I have about owning a bar is providing drinking game stations for people. Kinda like in a casino with the different tables, you do the same at the bar. One table has a change machine and plastic cups and you play quarters. One table has a deck of cards for PnA, King's Cup, etc. Beer pong and beirut have their tables. Anyone up for a full bar flippy cup game? How about we just line up the tables and have every bar patron play? You can host tournaments, have a big board where you can place bets much like a horse racetrack, or watch the action on a 60 inch LCD. Mainly though I want to have "house" players that challenge the locals and give them training tips. Kinda like the "club pro" at a golf course. Anyone interested?

locopuyo said...


Daymonster said...

I am, we don't need negative nancy pollo

locopuyo said...

You are living in a fantasy world if you think such a place's existence is possible.

Daymonster said...

First off it's definitely possible. If you go to some bars in chicago they have beer pong tourneys all the time and flippy cup tourneys. How would that be different?

I challenged two bartenders to beer pong at a bar a couple weeks ago. How does that seem like a fantasy world.

Dammer said...

Until you start such a place and fail, it's possible. And even then...I'd try again and again just to be sure.