Friday, February 29, 2008

COD4 Patch and Playstation Home

Many of the complaints that the KofC members have with COD4 have been fixed in the much anticipated feature patch for the Xbox 360 version of COD4. Below is the info provided by Infinity Ward on some of the new features found in the patch. I think you will all be happy with the additions, some that were necessary and others that are just cool. (The text in Italics are my impressions of the new additions)

New Kill Cams
We’ve added new Kill Cams for everything. So now those “WTF!” grenades that seemingly come from no where, you can see that a guy threw it over the house, it hit a tree branch, bounced off a rock, into a tiny window, where you happened to be pointing out of, and say…… whoa. Follow behind RPGs and M203’s kill cams, claymores, Airstrikes where you can follow the bomb from the plane until it hits you.
This should be funny to watch sometime, but I generally never look at my kill cam, mostly because I just want to start killing people again.

Host Migration
Now you won’t have to be dropped back by yourself when a host leaves. Instead, everyone will stay together, a new host will be assigned, and the game will auto-start back up. Keeping everyone together, no more re-inviting, re-joining games because some host leaves. This has been a tall order and something that we’ve put a lot of work into which has allowed us to really optimize online play all around not just specifically with Host migration.
This should help with one of the main complaints with COD4 matchmaking, my only concern is that I'll get stuck hosting and then get booted because it will pick me unreliable internet connecting (think Daymonster influenced Halo lag).

Improved Sniper / ACOG Accuracy
Sniper and ACOG scopes have been tweaked and are really improved. I use to not snipe at all (mainly because I’m a horrible sniper), but now it’s so much more fluid and natural, while still having the same difficulty to use, it has no more “WTF I know I hit that guy!” moments.
Probably one of the most exciting things that they added, I never touched a sniper nor used the ACOG because it was so damn hard to hit anyone. Now I am excited to start playing with the sniper rifle, Oh wait, I can't play Xbox.

Upgraded Spectator
Now when you’re in spectator mode you can follow them in 3rd person, switch to their first person view, or rotate the camera in a full 360 degrees around whoever you’re watching.
Who the fuck watches as a spectator?

Quick Mute Option
Users will now be able to quick mute players on the fly by pulling up the scoreboard in-game or via the lobby by simply going to their name and hitting the mute assigned button. As quickly as calling in and designating an airstike. So no longer getting killed while trying to make your way through the Xbox blades for the mute option so you can shut up the guy who always seems to find it funny to sing into his mic or cover up for his lack of skill by telling you how to play Domination his way.
Another great addition, they learned from Halo, I really don't get why people insist on singing and screaming into the mics.

In other news I just UPSed my Xbox back today. So now it's out of my hands.

I won't talk about this too much since only Pete and I have this game, but Playstation Home is nearing completion. For those of you who don't know what PSHome is going to be, you might think it's cool. Essentially it will be almost like the Sims or MMORPG where everyone can walk around and talk to people who have a name in the PSNetwork. You can talk to them with your headset or with a keyboard. There are huge common areas where you can meet people and challenge them to either small arcade games like pool and airhockey or you can challenge them to matches in real PS3 games, like COD4, Warhawk and others.

You can then create your own house where people can only come if they are invited. But you can live in huge houses with other people. So like we could have a KofC clan house where we can hangout in the living room and discuss what game we want to play. Certain games have certain things you can do with Home. Warhawk for instance has a war room where you can go to with your friends and you can look at 3D aerial views of the maps and draw out your plan of attack for your game of CTF, directly from there you can all start up the game as a party. No more invites and joining each other once you join the game from Home. You can also share music, pictures and movies from the home and watch/listen together.

I am not going to stand here and say that PS3 has a better online experience than 360. That would be a lie, but if Playstation pulls this off like they say they are this could be pretty cool, different but cool. Also, best of all, it's free.

Starting Monday I will probably not be on the computer during the day until next week. So please, post, comment, Josey create some more polls, I don't want to come back next Monday and see KofC had disbanded. Happy Friday and Happy Leap Day, I hope you all got your free McSkillet Burrito today. I got 2.


Daymonster said...

Did anyone see this story? Story

locopuyo said...

Yeah, so she is just peeing and a baby slips out of her vagina. Like you wouldn't fucking know that is happing. I'm no doctor, but a little tiny stream of pee would not feel the same as a fucking baby popping out of your vagina, nor would it just slip out without effort. This lady is fucked up, she had to be on drugs or something. She probably wanted to kill her baby.

locopuyo said...

btw the patch r0x mah s0x. I went on snipetacular killing sprees. I was playing with tilla and had 0 deaths multiple games. I never had any instances of, "zomg gay i totally sniped his face off but it missed".

I had a good time on that train map. I started out with a silenced m16 and got 3 kills on my way to that little shack that overlooks the trains. One of the guys I killed had the .50 cal sniper so I picked that up. I got 15 kills with it. Guys kept trying to run down that path by the trains and tried to setup way back there to snipe me, but they couldn't touch this.
Another game we played that crappy map with the bus in it. These 2 guys that ended up on the other team said it was their favorite map in the pre-game lobby and wouldn't vote it. I told them I would make them hate it. I did really well sniping and one of their guys went 4-22. The new patch pwns face.
It was also sweet seeing the grenade view and having the airstrike view. So you can watch it without instantly respawning and dying twice from the same airstrike.

Daymonster said...

man i really play it now.