Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday's might be worse than Mondays.

So my eBay auction is already at 51 bucks and there is still 5 days to go. I am a little worried about this spydagotbangs character as he has zero feedback and has already asked me 3 questions about the auction. And they were all in broken English and consisted of "how do me know that you willn't leave with merchandises".

Brian Jarrard from Bungie talks to Eurogamer about the competition between COD4 and Halo 3. Apparently the new DLC is going to bring people back to Halo. Doubt it.

So I told Pablito a bit about this game for the PS3 I have been playing. It's called WarHawk and it's an online only game that is mostly vehicle based. You spawn as infantry in third person but there are tons of vehicles and turrets around to climb into. From airplanes (called Warhawks) that can hover to tanks to jeeps and AA Turrets. The maps are huge and it supports 32 player games easily. Basically there are always two bases at opposite ends and these are spawn points that have vehicles and other weapons. As you control other check points along the way you can then spawn at these areas. For CTF this is cool because you can gain position on the other team by advancing on their base. There is more I could tell you about it but since no one here likes the PS3 I will stop wasting your and my time.

Oh but before I go, there is one thing I do like about the PS3 (besides that MGS4 looks really, really good). I like how you can use standard cables and accessories on the PS3, like a simple USB cable charges the controllers, and any Blue Tooth Headset or Keyboard will work. And that it has an internet browser. But I will say I like Xbox Live better than the Playstation Network. And of course the fact that the PS3 has no in game XMB does suck, but I guess they are changing that.

Today I should be receiving COD4 and Unreal Tournament for PS3 in the mail from GameFly. I'll let you know how it's different tomorrow.

You might have noticed the shoutbox is missing. Since the paid version ran out (and I am not going to pay to keep it going) anyone could write anything. Since Josey kept wanting to cyber I thought it would be best to take it down.

Unky Warthog requested another Get to know 'em so email me questions for Unky. Anything you want to know about him, Malta, or both.


Pablito Neal said...

Those special rollers are really ugly

Josey WaIes said...

Here is a sick story for you. SB and I went out last night to get a PS3 and Frontlines, we were both really exicted (mostly about Frontlines). So we get the PS3 but we drove around looking for Frontlines and a HDMI cable for like an hour, which was really annoying and eventually gave up, but avoided a massive bender, big accomplishment. We were lucky enough to figure out that we could use the XBOX HDMI cable for the PS3, so in the end we got to watch a blueray movie, "We Own The Night", which sucked.

On final note, I told the PS3 last night that we are not going to be friends and I already love a different much better black box the Xbox 360, after I did that I pulled the PS3 roller out of the box and threw up.

Daymonster said...

haha, tough break Josey. I hope you can manage having the ps3 around. Try to stay strong, don't get to frustrated with all the high end electronics you get to use at no cost to you. Once Metal Gear Solid comes out you will change your mind.

Josey WaIes said...

O really why will this game be so good?

Also what is the deal with Frontlines, SB told me it came out yesterday, but no dice is this game coming out soon. Does anyone think its going to be good?

Daymonster said...

Front lines comes out today... vids/media almost always comes out on Tuesdays.

check out this youtube video of MGS4.