Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back to the Grind

Here is just a few things I was thinking about while I sat at home most of the day yesterday in my underwear. And some other things I thought about this morning (not in my underwear).

1. Why do days go by so much faster when you are not at work? Seriously, I woke up at about the same time I would get up for work so I would be tired last night and go to bed early. It was a dumb decision, I now know, but still. It was 5pm before I knew it. Whoever said "Time flies when you are having fun" really knew what they were talking about. You could also say "Time flies when you are doing nothing but could be at work"

2. Today on the train this one girl was reading a magazine, I believe it was Entertainment Weekly. When she had to get at her stop she put a crease in the magazine's corner to hold her spot. Now I do this with books I am reading but I have never done it with a magazine. Call me crazy but I have always been able to find my spot in a magazine. It's like 50 pages and they don't all look the same like pages in novels tend to. I don't know it just seemed weird to me.

3. On-demand movies and TV shows are really sweet. I watched about 3 of them yesterday. First, I watched National Lampoon's: Adam & Eve. It was terrible, I can say for certain that I would have never seen such a bad movie if it wasn't On-Demand for free. I never would have bought or rented this movie, and even if I did I would be unlikely to place it in my DVD player as that is a lot of work. If it was just on TV at a commercial break I would have changed the channel. I am one of those people who will almost never stop/walk out of a movie. On-Demand gives the feeling that it's a movie that you paid for so I had to watch the whole thing. Granted it was terrible but I am a better person for sticking it out to the end.

After I watched that, I watched the Documentary Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices. Now I have seen this before in a class Wal-Mart America in college, but I wanted to see it again before I went out to Target and Best Buy. I watched the film and then right before I was about to leave for the big box stores I took a look at the Penn & Teller series called Bullshit. And whatdaya know they have one debunking the myths of Wall-Mart hatred. Right on the same On-Demand screen I could get two opposing view points. On-Demand is the definition of America.

Oh, I also watched an episode of Bullshit about how the BMI index is crap. So now I don't feel as bad about being Class 1 Obese.

4. Speaking of putting discs in DVD players and such. I want a Xbox 360 with like a 10 disc changer so I can just select the game from the dashboard. Or better yet a hard drive big enough to rip all my games to it.

5. I beat COD4 yesterday, the last few missions are really fun and I am not sure if this his hidden but there is some sort of airplane VIP mission at the end after the credits that's pretty cool. It's like you are the Harrison Ford in the movie Air Force One. (Which I also watched yesterday)

6. Fidel Castro stepped down today as president. I heard a bunch of people talking in the office and on the train about how Cuba will become a democracy now. Unlikely. Wasn't his brother the strong-armed enforcer for Fidel for the last 20 years?

7. Does it bother anyone else when they use democracy all the time when really they mean republic?

8. Toshiba finally concedes the High Definition Format war to Sony Corp and their BluRay technology. I really want to win a format war, or really any war I guess. As long as I don't have to die for it.

9. On Thursday I went to a taping of Wait...Wait... Don't Tell Me and the I talked with Carl Cassel, Tom Bodett, and PJ O'Rourke after the taping on their way to a bar right by my building. Chuck Liddel was the "celebrity" guest and it was a pretty good show. The show is up on iTunes now and you can't really hear me clapping but I assure you I was there.

I swear I thought of more stuff when sitting on the couch eating waffles and pizza. But I can't think of it now. Post some of your own (not-so) deep thoughts in the comments. I am going to need some good KofC participation to get through this day.


Daymonster said...

Good talk. I'll be online tonight.

Dammer said...

Sorry man, I've had a hella busy day. Conversational thoughts:

If it's National Lampoons and it doesn't involve Chevy Chase or Animal House I don't wanna watch it (maaayyyybbeee Van Wilder). They're all the same....

It's about time someone won the format war, now I can go spend money on a HighDef player and watch Planet Earth in full 1080p glory.

It doesn't bother me that people misuse the term democracy, what does bother me is that Castro didn't die in office and leave a country in utter disarray and clamoring for leadership instead of extending his own tenure by a good 30 years with his son taking over.

Pablito Neal said...

cuba being communist doesn't bother me. people calling us a democracy is a minor pet peeve because it shows they don't know much about our government. the whole caucusing for candidates is annoying too. registered dems/reps should have a vote and elect their person, not have all these delegates, then some mysterious super delegates decide who gets chosen.

i just did my taxes this weekend, i went to my parent's house because my dad had some software to make it easier. it's insane that there's a whole business of helping people understand our tax system.

i bought the si swimsuit issue for the first time ever. marisa miller was staring at me as i checked out at target and i had to buy her. i never realized there's no regular sports articles in it. the pictures were worth it but i also wanted some sports news to read.

Josey WaIes said...

Here is a conversational thought, Tilla the mysterious clan member who Dammer claims to know and work with is getting married, is K of C invited? Will there be an open bar? Did Tilla register for gifts at Xbox.com?

Daymonster said...

Republicans don't have super delegates, Pablito.

Oh shit, that reminds me one of my thoughts was about how I was disappointed in this years Swim Suit issue and if it was just because it sucked this year or if I had out grown looking at images that I could find on the internet if I really wanted too.

Yeah, I am already working on a sweet KofC themed Wedding Invitation.

locopuyo said...

I thought castro's bro was taking over. He is 76. So he is almost dead too.

Pablito Neal said...