Thursday, February 21, 2008

COD4 Statistics Update

Current Stats:

Win Ratio:
LocoPollo 1.12
DammerWillEatU 1.11
Adeclipse 1.03
Josey Wales 0.85
The Daymonster 0.85
Squatting Bear 0.76
TILLA1234 0.67
Pablito Neal 0.00

Kill to Death Ratio:
LocoPollo 1.65
Josey Wales 1.43
DammerWillEatU 1.34
The Daymonster 1.32
Pablito Neal 1.10
Squatting Bear 1.01
Adeclipse 0.99
TILLA1234 0.85

Old Stats:

Win Ratio:
LocoPollo 1.18
Adeclipse 1.03
DammerWillEatU 1.00
Josey Wales 0.90
TILLA1234 0.83
The Daymonster 0.74
Squatting Bear 0.72

Kill to Death Ratio:
LocoPollo 1.58
Josey Wales 1.38
The Daymonster 1.26
DammerWillEatU 1.10
Squatting Bear 1.02
Adeclipse 1.00
TILLA1234 0.75

Wins don't seem to mean too much. Quitting out gets you a loss, douche bag hosts end the game in a middle of a match, and matchmaking puts you in an ongoing game on a team losing 190 to 730.

Five of us improved our Kill to Death Ratio by a fair amount. Squatting Bear and Adeclipse each fell 0.01.

Pablito Neal finally got on the board with 23 kills and 21 deaths, but has yet to win a game.


Dammer said...

I finished the campaign last night. The last couple missions are sweet, and the ending is really cool. I love how the game hides nothing from you in terms of reality. The "extra" mission after the credits was pretty sweet too, although it took me maybe 7 trys to finish it. FYI I played the game up until last night without the knowledge that left shoulder button throws your special nade. Yes I know, I'm not very wise.

Josey WaIes said...

haha, dont feel to bad dammer, I just found out that you can hold your nade before you throw it.

Nice work loco, I wish you could access this information on the COD4 website.

Daymonster said...

why not post accuracy loco? Ashamed to put a stat up where you are last?

Also, K/D stat kinda blows because I don't want to rank up my other guns because i don't want to have a shitty game.

Dammer said...

I REALLY want stats posted online. Since we don't play Halo anymoore we have abandoned the calculator until we put COD4 onto it as well.

Tilla said...

Might I add that I, the mysterious clan memeber, had a K/D ratio increase of 10%! That's what I get for letting my friends play COD4 under my name. Slowly creeping my way back up to even par. Thank you oh M60 for your long range accuracy and close range power.

locopuyo said...

Accuracy is a mostly pointless stat. Shooting through walls, laying down covering fire. Also I'm not last in it, Tilla is. He is the only one on my friends list with lower accuracy than me.

If you have too high of an accuracy it might be a valid indication that you aren't a good team player.

Daymonster said...

haha it was a joke. No one has more than 20% accuracy.

locopuyo said...

yeah I figured that

Tilla said...

If having poor accuracy means you are a good team player, then chalk me up for "Team Player of the Century". I would like to thank my inability to control the spray on my M60 and also my relentless attempts to shoot people through walls even though no one is there.

adeclipse said...

Hey my k/d ratio was bad because i was letting a friend play some games the other day and he had never played before. It's back up over 1 now.