Monday, February 11, 2008

First Impressions: CoD4

After selling all of my Guitar Hero supplies I had some extra cash in my pocket and decided to finally buy Call of Duty yesterday. I played the first few missions on single player and two free for all matches on multiplayer.

The controls weren't too difficult to get used to. I was confused for a little while during the training where you had to look down the sight and hit the different targets because I didn't realize it auto aimed for you if you zoomed out and back in. Throwing grenades is definitely more difficult than in Halo so that messed me up because I use plenty of nades when I fight but it won't be hard to get out of that habit because it's a different button now. I like many of the features that make combat more realistic like sprinting, small jumps, prone position, getting shocked by flash bangs, having to take cover after being shot and throwing back grenades.

The single player was straightforward enough, follow around your troops, look at the compass to see where to go next. The TV studio was pretty hard and I died many times until I tried sprinting out the far corner where they spawned. They'd stop spawning and then I could pick off the guys one the second floor. It helped that the other soldiers seemed to be invincible and I tried using the shotgun but it was mostly useless unless your target was really close, probably close enough to knife.

Multiplayer wasn't as exciting as Halo, most of my time was spent sneaking around and I wasn't a part of any 3 way battles. Maybe the maps were big or maybe you die so fast that whenever people see each other, one of them is dead after a few shots. I did well though and have a positive K/D, I'd like to unlock more guns and the red dot everyone loves. I had it in single player and it did seem easier. I'd like to try out some team matches with other KofC members, I don't find this game nor Halo much fun playing with randos.

On a separate note, I need to admit I plagiarized the fan fiction from this site. If you thought I was creative and talented enough to write that, I'm sorry to have misled you.


Daymonster said...

I am glad that you haven't quit after 1 day. Trust me it will get more intuitive and you will like it more than Halo. I am excited to get like 5 peeps playing at once.

Daymonster said...

You going to be online tonight?

Pablito Neal said...

we'll see, can't make any promises

adeclipse said...

It is a fun game, but i have to admit that i think i still like halo more. It's a nice break from halo, but the matches are to quick and it doesn't seem like there's a lot of point to the multiplayer since you get points even for losing. I played with a prestige rank 9 the other day and he was horirble. I guess he had just played a lot of games even though he wasn't any good.