Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Trout Fry

Dear Knights,

As my first post to the blog, I figured that it should be something that brings joy to all. Trout Fry is tentatively scheduled for Friday, April 25 (if it changes I will let you know). We're gonna drink beer, and lots of therefore we encourage every able-bodied Knight to attend. Further plans are that we will set up camp for Friday night and tear down after the festivities subside on Saturday morning. If anyone would like to stay in Eternal, (formerly) Unky's, and my Farwell cluster on Saturday night, we have plenty of couches available (and adequate system-linking capabilities). We know that most of you have busy schedules (except, from what I have heard, SB) but this is a great opportunity for the Knights to reunite. RSVP through comment, or call Unky Eternal ((507)301-8615).

In the words of Barry Badrinath, Let's get BOMBED!!!!


Unky Eternal said...

SB, you better make the trek. Josey, I understand if you cant...but cmon! Everyone else who has work: If possible, maybe try getting out early on friday, and come down as soon as possible.
Knights who live beyond the practical driving distance of decorah...I will personally chug beers for each of you.
Unky Warthog- Hang in there, Unky. I know that you'd be here if you could in a second, and I hope you can find the means and motivation to get bombed on that day or the next.

Josey WaIes said...

First off, great post, way to make your first post really count.

I will likely have tons of work and cant afford to waste an entire weekend drunk and pissing myself. However dave did present a good argument, I currently have no good rebuttle to the "cmon!," thus there is a good chance I will be in attendance.

SB, Dammer, we should make it a point to all go, this would provide me with motivation.

Pete said...

i'll most likely be in attendance. hopefully dammer or josey or both can also attend.

Daymonster said...

It's like a 6 hour drive from here... I am considering going or am I not invited. It would be my first trout fry.

Dammer said...

I've never been to the celebration due to "being kicked off the track team" so I refuse to let my first chance go to waste. Count me in, drunk, and ridiculous.

Pete said...

yeah daymonster you should come as well.

Unky Eternal said...

Dammer- Solid rsvp. Leave your ice-breaking device at home, and we should get through the weekend with minimal injuries.

SB- know how i know you're gay? Because coming to trout fry is the only straight thing you could be doing on that day.

Josey- Further motivation:
1. I have the boot.
2. What's better than getting bombed with the knights/LCDT?
3. We have vids and nice tvs for some linkage.
4. Dammer's already in, and you know that pete will go if you two both go.
5. The boot.

And Josey, you should also get Bubba to come if he isn't already.
Have fun resisting my list of great temptations.

Daymonster- There will be plenty of booze and plenty of randos to pick fights with. The drive is obviously sick, but "the food alone will be worth the trip!"
-Somebody name the movie.

Pollo- you should come yo. attack all the drunkies with ninja weapons at night for some easy practice.

Daymonster said...

Does every Unky Eternal post have a Almost Famous quote in it?

locopuyo said...

don't you mean almost heros?

Dammer said...

Yes he does, and he should be ashamed. Almost Famous licks Almost Heroes' balls.

Daymonster said...

Nope. Obviously that quote is in both movies. You have to look close but one of the extras mouthes it in the background.

Free McSkillet Burrito at McDonalds today and tomorrow.

Josey WaIes said...

Good stuff Dave, I really hope I can make it work, I dont want to make any promises, but you know I will do everything I can to be there. The major problem for me is giving up a whole weekend of work super close to finals, weekends are really good for me becaue they all for long hours of studing/learning shit I have to quickly memorize and slowly forget after the test.

Dammer said...

Don't kid yourself, the forgettal process is never slow, it's always instantaneous.