Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Tuesday Recap

Super Tuesday was yesterday and Looks like McCain is going to win the Republican Nomination. All I can say is thank God Huckabee didn't win any more delegates than he did. As for the Dems, it's neck and neck with Hillary and Obama. I don't want to get overly political on the blog as we have a wide spectrum of races, religions and socio-economic statuses in our clan (Adeclipse is a devout African-American Scientologist right?), but I am wondering if anyone thinks the Knights of Cydonia should endorse a candidate? The KofC has a lot of sway in the internet community rivaling only that of Oprah. We could be like some newspapers and endorse two candidates, one from each party. Now that we know the M16 pwns, I am thinking of putting an anonymous poll on the right side just to gauge the KofC constituency.

In case you have been living in your basement for the last 5 years (which is possible with some of the members) I will break down the favorite video games of some of the major candidates and give a short bit of background information so you can be well educated when you step into the polling booth.

Mike Huckabee: Guitar Hero II
John McCain: Battlefield Vietnam
Ron Paul: The Sex Scene in Mass Effect

Barack Obama: Parappa the Rapa
Hillary Clinton: Dr. Daisy Pet Vet

Anyways, one of the issues that some of the GOPs and a few Dems have been backing is the removal of the Internal Revenue Service in favor of a Consumption Tax or a "Fair Tax." Obviously to many the idea of not having to file returns or risk being audited sounds good to most Americans who don't know much about it, but I was wondering what the well educated Knights of Cydonia Community have to say about it. I won't tell you how I feel about a tax system developed by a radio talk show host, but my response usually starts off with "No fucking way..."

Now you know how little I have to say today that I resorted to talking about Super Tuesday and the FairTax. So let's get some good discussion going in the comments about something besides set widths. Or if anyone has anything good to post about please do.

Couple Quick Links:
After second thought the smoke and light show for RockBand doesn't look that cool.

Watch the Giant's final drive from someone at the Super Bowl in the middle of a bunch of Pats fans. The quality is surprisingly good from being with a camcorder about 100 feet up. It's fun to see the Patriots fans cheering during all the close plays when they thought they had it won.

Apologies to Adeclipse
Last night some things were said about Adeclipse love of crouching and prone. At one point things go so heated when we said that there you get 1k EXP points if you complete the Adeclipse challenge of crawling a hundred miles. At that point he said that he wanted to join his own clan. I want to apologize to you, Adeclipse. Please don't join your own clan stay with the KofC. We need your creeping skills.


Josey WaIes said...

The M16 winning is not a surprise, I vote for it. But I have been wondering whether other guns could be good, I think the strong appeal for the M16 is that it is just a solid weapon with a very small learning curve, you pick one up and start getting a lot of kills, or at least I did when I switched from the MP5.
However, the M16 is not that great close range, due to the low rate of fire, in COD4 you want to get out as much lead as fast as you can, or have a shotty.
Thoughs on the M4; I have not used it much, I pick it up in game when I can. I see some of our memebers like it, please express your opinions about it. The main reason I am concerned with switching is because SB tells me you lose a lot of range, which is important to me, I like to kill what I see no matter how far it is away. That said I enjoy the high rate of fire of the M4.

I think we should have a post about weapons and styles that work with them, I would like to build confidence with some other weapons and developing the proper style with a given weapon is the best way to do that.

I dont know who voted for Shotty, but I would like to hear more from them, I have picked them up in game, and they kick ass close rage, you just run people over.

In conclusion, Daymonster if you like you weapon set now, dont feel like you need to switch to the M16. By the way what were you using?

Dammer said...

I use the M16, however the M4 keeps beckoning. I kind of feel bad though because there are so many other guns that I haven't given much love to. Part of the problem though is that I want to keep racking up M16 kills for upgrades.

Speaking of exp, did you know you can get a good amount of it for jumping from a great height? Whether you survive or not you still get the points.

Obviously though I need to play some more to be unbiased.

Also, crouching and proning are not bad ideas at all if you use them in the right spot. I've seen tons of guys prone themselves as they approach a corner just so they don't get smoked on the other side.

Pablito Neal said...

I voted shotty, I didn't know the other guns and don't like snipers.

Daymonster said...


I have seen your comment and I am working on the gun/perk sets I use and what I have noticed works for me.

If anyone wants to add to it when I am done with their own. Please feel free.

Josey WaIes said...

I agree with damer, I feel bad for the other guns, I like guns and want to kill guys with them all but some have just been getting more love. Also the M4 has been calling me as well that why I want to know more.

As far as prone goes, I use it, I get alot of kills laying under cars, or trains, or on top of buildings. It gets old fast if there is no one to shoot, that is clearly a patience problem I have.

Looking foward to the gun post.

Pablito Neal said...

To address the points in the bulk of your post; this is the first I've heard of the FairTax but after doing some quick and dirty research (, wikipedia) it looks like a cool idea. I can think of one clan member who'd definitely favor a tax not based on what you earn (Daymont). The tax system is so confusing and it seems like rich people can always find loopholes. What bothers me is looking through the list of its supporters I see very few Dems and my candidate Barack listed as against (most are 'does not support'). To me it sounds like it would give people more money, but discourage spending on expensive items which would help with our terrible consumerist culture.

Pablito Neal said...

To sum up it up simply it seems like a tax not on your successfulness but on your greed.

Daymonster said...

The reason I don't like it without going into too much detail is that it will tax more on people making between 30k and 200k. And pretty much anyone making less than like 20k don't get income taxed at all. So it will hurt them a lot too on regular things they need.

Also, it might get rid of the IRS but we will need another department to pick up the slack on making sure that all these taxes are being placed on products.

I have more to say about it but now that we have guns and perks to talk about I don't need to start a political battle.

Who know Hillary Clinton liked Puyo's game?

adeclipse said...

Hahaha, i wasn't mad, but i can only imagine all the people who would be like, hey I want to join your Addy clan, you are so cool. It's very appealing in some ways.

Nah, just kidding.

Anyways, I use an array of weapons. I've gotten decent with the sniper rifle on some maps, and then i switch between the m16, G3 and M4.

Really in the game, i only crouch when i have the sniper rifle, or when i've been shot or am about to get shot in my opinion. And, for your info, i've already gotten that marathon completion for sprinting like 26 miles.

Anyways, as far as the political race goes, i'm a republican so Mccain is probably going to get my vote. I will listen to all of the candidates though to see what they have to say, and my opinion can be swayed if an independent or democrat really speaks to me. Without trying to sound sexist, I don't think that the U.S. is ready for a woman president. There are still to many people out there who would view that as a weakness, especially when we're still having issues in the Middle East where women are viewed as second class.

Pablito Neal said...

i don't like hillary much but that would be the best way to piss the middle eastern countries off. to make them have to be bombed by/negotiate with a woman.