Saturday, February 9, 2008

CofD Stats

Win Ratio:
LocoPollo 1.18
Adeclipse 1.03
DammerWillEatU 1.00
Josey Wales 0.90
TILLA1234 0.83
The Daymonster 0.74
Squatting Bear 0.72

Kill to Death Ratio:
LocoPollo 1.58
Josey Wales 1.38
The Daymonster 1.26
DammerWillEatU 1.10
Squatting Bear 1.02
Adeclipse 1.00
TILLA1234 0.75

Suprisingly there really isn't that big a correlation between K:D and W:L ratios.  It seems to be rather small.  As a clan our K:D ratio is pretty solid, with only tilla doing more dying more than killing.  However, we need to work on getting more wins.   


Josey WaIes said...

Nice work. I was sort of bumbed before when I looked at my wins, but then I realized that I play mostly with rando mongrels. I think once the other xbox gets here and we start playing more together we will all win more. Last night Loco, Addy and I played and did well but you always end up with some dude who has 4 kills 20 deaths to fuck you over.

Daymonster said...

see part of is that i really don't give a shit if my team of randos wins or loses. Like the other day we were winning by like 300 pts. but when "adeclipse wants to play" I just accept it right away and then i get a loss.

adeclipse said...

Hey, so I haven't been having a good streak lately with the k/d ratio. For some reason i've been slow on the draw lately when i see a guy, and my aim has been a little off, possibly due to large quantities of alcohol.

There is only 1 thing that i really hate about call of duty and that's the respawn. There were a couple of games yesterday where i respawned and died instantly like 4 times in a row.

Tilla said...

I will defend my poor K/D ratio by saying that I have only been able to play the game one night for about 7 hours while most of the time a little tipsy and still somewhat learning the game. I hope to be back in the game soon as I sent in my box last Thursday and am expecting it sometime this week. I just hope I haven't lost my touch, not that I had one to begin with.

Josey WaIes said...

Daymonster I agree. I do that as well and I did not realize it gives you a loss. I also get thrown into games that are going and either quit, I bet you get a loss for that too or the team is way behind and we lose.

Addy, I agree about the spaw, one thing that was pissing me off last night is the dudes with 3 frag grenades, I would spand and there would be grenades everywhere, I really need that perk.

Tilla, I would reccomend if your not already doing this, to just always use the same gun, it gets boaring I know, so many guns so little time right. But I found out that I just play way better with one gun and when I am trying to get upgrades for other guns I dont have my best games.

Pablito Neal said...

bought the game today. i'll play some single player to learn the controls and i'll be online tonight

Daymonster said...

I'll be on around 10 or so.

locopuyo said...

It is around 10 or so.

Pablito Neal said...

where do you check stats? do i have to sign up on

locopuyo said...

No, you can only get them from in COD4. Go to multiplayer then barracks, then leaderboards.