Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Not Exactly a Get to Know 'Em: The Daymonster

I asked some KofCers for some interview questions. Only Pablito was nice enough to supply some. Since there is only a handful of questions, this is more of a discussion starter as these questions are very interesting.

Estimate the amount of money you've sent on video games in your life. Do you wish it were more, the same or less? Are there any systems/games you wish you had played but didn't?
That's an excellent question. First I want to go through all the video game systems I have or have had, in approximate order. Commodore 64 (and other computers along the way), Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Gameboy, Game Gear, Virtual Boy (two of them), Playstation, Playstation 2, Dreamcast, Gamecube, Xbox, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, and PSP.

As far as an amount of money, it's really difficult to say. Most of my video games from about Virtual Boy and earlier were presents from Christmas and birthdays. I didn't really start spending my own money on games and consoles until Playstation. One of the more defining moments in my life was when I took a piece of computer paper, drew a N64 on one side and a Playstation on the other. I spent the entire day in 8th grade asking people which one I should buy. The Playstation side had one more vote than the N64 and I ended up getting a Playstation. A decision that changed my life from then on. I was dedicated to the Sony video game brand, and will admit to playing golden eye probably three-times in my life.

That is of course until I played Halo, I sold my PS2 on ebay and bought an Xbox. I think the majority of my money goes into games, as I have always had a ton of games by the time the console goes obsolete. I had about 25 games for the Playstation and close to 30 for the PS2. Right now I have about 5 games for each of the three major consoles I own. And about 6 and 3 for DS and PSP respectively.

I am sure I could add up all the accessories, controllers, games and consoles and it would certainly be in the thousands but I think it's best not to look at it that way. Because that's way too depressing.

Compare and contrast the difference, if any, between using a disabled person bathroom stall to a disabled person parking space.
Well I have never parked in a handicap space but I tend to always use the handicap bathroom stall. I just enjoy the extra leg room. Until you asked this question I had never thought about it. What is interesting is how the Handicap parking space is always closest to the entrance to the building, while the handicap stall tends to be the farthest stall away.

I am not sure what I would do if I was in the handicap stall and the other stalls were empty and someone who actually needed the stall rolled up to the door. That would be very awkward.

But anyways, I think it's okay to use the stall as it's a little different. If I park in a handicap spot I have left the area of my car and forcing that person to park farther away. With the stall, I am right there and have the ability to move (provided I can take a few seconds to wipe). I would say using a handicap bathroom stall is closer to parking in the handicap spot IF you are still in the car. It's not good to do, but it's certainly better than the alternative.

Which character are you most looking forward to seeing again when The Office starts?
I think that Micheal is getting worse as a character. He was always dumb but he is getting more and more dumb every episode. Ryan bothers me now and Dwight is too obvious of a choice. Probably Kevin or Toby are characters that I am most looking forward to.

If you could get rid of one law, what would it be?
It would be sweet to be able to shoplift. But I would only want that to apply to me. And some how the law would say that by me shoplifting I would be stimulating the economy. I don't know if that's really what you meant by the question but... that's my answer.

Or the law of gravity. (which is still technically a theory isn't it?)

How many beers does it take for you to be at that perfect point where it feels like you can dodge bullets and you only get head shots (in Halo/COD)? How about in real life?
I have a theory about the perfect level of drunkenness for video games. It only works for me if I start drinking while playing the game. If I go to a bar and come back I'm not as good as if I start drinking while playing (oh man, this is not a good thought during work. I really want to play vids and drink beer right now). But if I am playing I would say it's somewhere around 4-6 beers where I am feeling in the zone.

Dodging bullets in real life? About 20-25 beers.

What is your favorite casual game to play while at work?
Desktop Tower Defense for sure (Thanks Josey). Haven't played it in a while but it's a great, great, game. Line rider is good, but I get really frustrated when I can't get it to do exactly what I want it to do.

Third and final DLC map revealed: It's Lockout.

The third map is called Blackout and is almost exactly same as Lockout except it's at night and is an Alaskan USNC weather station. Read all about it here.


Pablito Neal said...

thanks for the answers

Dammer said...

Bahhhh you didn't give me time to get you my questions. If you do a part two I have some for you.

Pete said...

that lockout level looks kinda cool, being at night and all.

Daymonster said...

Yeah, I'm trying not to get excited about the new maps as I was dissapointed with the ones last time. I think once they get into the regular hopper I will like them. Also, I fucking hate Xbox Support. I really want to never buy/use microsoft products again but they are EVERYWHERE and so good (sometimes).

Dammer said...

I get discounts on XBox products through work. Booyah!

locopuyo said...

lolwut? srs?

Pablito Neal said...

ya me too

Dammer said...

Yeah 360 rollers are ten bucks off, play and charge kit, I could even buy a system through it for $343. I don't know what the specs on the system are though :( I can get a Microsoft laser mouse for 30 bucks I think. I also have the ability to get one version of Office for 20 bucks.

Dammer said...

Oh yeah, we need to have a serious discussion about the poll. I really really really wanna know why people want to fight vampires instead of werewolves.

Daymonster said...

lah-dee frickin dah. You have to order it though, and I never order electronics. If I want them I want them NOW.

Yeah WTF Vampires are way harder to kill than werewolves. Werewolves are like glorified mutts.