Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Xbox Support Rant: Part 2 (maybe 3)

It's been 20 days since I had my Xbox. And the good news is it has finally reached the service center, the bad news is I will be moving in about 2 weeks. Well moving isn't really bad news, the bad news is once I move I don't think I will ever get my Xbox. Even if it did come before , I wouldn't be able to get it because it requires a signature. Unless it comes sometime this weekend (which is extremely unlikely) I will not be able to sign for it even on the remaining Saturdays because I will be in MN next weekend and will be moving the weekend after that.

Now, I know what you are thinking. "Daymonster, didn't you call Xbox Support and get your address changed a couple weeks ago?"

Yes, I did, at least I thought I did.

Like you should have already known, shortly after I sent the Xbox in the box they supplied I called Xbox Support and told them my situation and how I would need to change the shipping address to my work address. After about 45 minutes on the phone and giving them every piece of information they could ask for I finally proved I owned a broken 360 and got my address changed.

Call me paranoid but I didn't exactly trust the support people on the other end of the phone. So yesterday I called again to verify that they had the correct address. I talked to Richard, which was for sure a made-up name, I told him my situation and asked if he could read me the address that my Xbox would be sent to when it was finished being fixed. He read me my work address back to me.

This is what I think Richard looked like. Look at his smug face.

Awesome, it really worked I am going to get my Xbox fairly soon. But wait, then he tells me that they can't ship it to that address even though the last person I talked to said they could. I was told that even though it could be updated on their computers there is no way they could get that information to the service center.

I asked him why the other person said it shouldn't be a problem and he said that person lied to me. I then asked him how did I know he wasn't lying to me. He assured me he wasn't. I then asked how do they know what is wrong with the Xbox when they get the package at the Service Center. He said they look up the information one the computer using the ticket number. And I asked when I called and said what was not working on the Xbox originally how did you enter that information in to the computer. And he said he entered it in with the ticket number. So I asked if they could see the new address that was entered with the ticket number. He asked if he could put me on hold and ask his supervisor.

25 minutes later of various Xbox game themes. Richard comes back on the phone.

"No, they can't see that."

He told me my only option was to call UPS and have them deliver it to a different address. I asked him how could I do that, and he told me he didn't know for sure but I would need the tracking number. So, I asked for the tracking number and he told me they don't have one yet because they haven't input the shipping information yet. Why the fuck can't they change the address then?

I also find it hard to believe that I can just call up UPS and have them change the address mid-transit. I have now come to realize that I will never get my Xbox back. Which is frustrating because all Josey needs to do is put it outside his front door with an angry note on it and he gets results.


Pablito Neal said...

richard definitely looks like an ass in that picture. it's hilarious that josey actually got his box taken care of but it really happened, i saw it with my own eyes.

Daymonster said...

The funny thing is that is an actual Xbox support person from their own website.

I was expecting their comps to be a little nicer.

locopuyo said...

Dude it was so hot today, i think it hit 50.

Daymonster said...

Yeah it did, 50 here and MN I busted out the moped today.

locopuyo said...

How are you going to beat my COD4 FNG time if you don't have a 360?

Dammer said...


Josey WaIes said...

Yo man, my note was not angry, it just asked the mail man to "please take out going mail." You have to keep it simple for these people, the mail guy saw the same box sitting by the mail boxes for a week and could not figure out what to do, he needed to take it! So I provided a suggestion of how he could deal with it. What I find really stupid is that on delivery you are required to sing in person, who the fuck is at home in the middle of the day to do that?

Pablito Neal said...

your xbox was delivered by singing telegram?